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Coolest Crocodile Cake

My 3 yr old has been reminding me all year that she wanted a crocodile cake for her next birthday. Honestly, I thought it would wear off- but it didn’t, and the challenge intrigued me.

I searched for some other crocodile cakes, but none really seemed along the lines I was thinking. So I got busy researching various pictures of crocodiles and set out to buy the materials necessary to make my very own crocodile fondant cake. I’ve never done one before so this was a first for me.

All in all it took me just over 8 hours today to make this cake. Everyone seems to love it and it has me considering making a few small different types tomorrow for a miniature cake portfolio in case someone needs a customized cake!

If there were any tips to give someone making a colored cake like mine, I would have to say:

1) if you are coloring the fondant yourself, mix it up while the cakes are cooking, It takes a while.

2) Cover your portions of fondant because they can dry out and then are really hard to work with once set on the cake.

3) Don’t overdo it with the butter cream frosting underneath, otherwise it will goop out of the edges as you push on the fondant. A thin layer should be fine, just enough for the fondant to stick to.

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