Coolest Homemade Alligator Cake Photos and Tips 6

My son loves Alligators. So for his two year birthday party I decided to go with a Zydeco theme (since his birthday falls so close to Fat Tuesday). I, being a health food nut, am always trying to make healthy baked goods staying away from sugar refined white flour food coloring etc. So I came … Read more

Coolest Homemade Crocodile Cake Photos and Tips 11

I got this idea for a crocodile cake from your website. What fun. I used a bunt cake for the body, cut into thirds with the pieces put opposite each other. For the head I used a 9×13 cake shaped into a head. I used marshmallows for the teeth and eyes and used all different … Read more

Coolest Homemade Croc Birthday Cake

Homemade Croc Birthday Cake

I made this Croc birthday cake with no instructions, which was no doubt why it took so long! I made a multi-coloured cake by dividing the cake mix and adding food colouring. Once the cake had cooled, I cut out the head and body as one shape and made wedges for the legs. I cut … Read more

Coolest Crocodile Cake 40

Crocodile Cake

My son turned 1 in July and we were having over 30 family members for the bash (my hubby has a VERY large family). This crocodile cake was too small to feed all those people so I also made croc cupcakes. I got the idea from someone on this website who suggested they had derived … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator Cake Photos and Tips 7

The body of the alligator cake is made of a bunt cake cut into three pieces. The head is a round cake pan cut. The feet and tail are also cut from a round cake pan. Always freeze the cake (especially if you use a super moist mix) this will make it easier to manipulate. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator Cakes 1

This crocodile cake was created for my sons second birthday. He loves to pretend an alligator is chasing us! The cake was made using a bundt pan for the body (sliced in half and arranged so it looked slithery) and a square pan which I then cut into triangles and placed on top of each … Read more

Coolest Cupcake Alligator Birthday Cake

Homemade Cupcake Alligator Birthday Cake

I actually made this homemade cupcake alligator birthday cake for my grandson’s 8th birthday in 2009. I had seen a book that was all cakes designed with cupcakes and thought it was cool. I looked at this site and got some ideas and then came up with a plan. I baked the cupcakes in the … Read more

Coolest Alligator Swamp People Cake

Homemade Alligator Swamp People Cake

I was asked to make a Alligator Swamp People Cake for a friend’s son who was turning 10. He wanted chocolate so I opted for a heavy fudge chocolate cake recipe as I knew I would need to do a lot of sculpting. I also froze the cake prior to sculpting it to further prevent … Read more

Coolest Homemade Alligator Cake Photos and Tips 8

I made this alligator cake for my sons 4th birthday. It was really simple to make. I used 2 boxes of cake mix to prepare the cake. Using two 8″ round cake pans and one 4″ round pans.s 4th birthday. It was really simple to make. I used 2 boxes of cake mix to prepare … Read more

Cool Homemade Crocodile Cupcake Cake

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

I actually saw this idea for a Crocodile Birthday Cake in a cupcake book. My daughter was having a Tinkerbell birthday party for her 4th birthday so in addition to the Tinkerbell doll cake I made her, I thought I would make her the crocodile from the movie. I baked 24 chocolate cupcakes, just using … Read more