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Awesome Homemade Alligator Cake

I made this Alligator Cake for my niece’s 12th birthday. The curvy tail is cut from half of a bundt cake and pointed at the end. The body and head was carved from a sheet cake. The arms and legs are cupcakes cut in half. Scrap pieces of cake made the mounds for the eye. White mint candy made the eyeballs and a dab of icing for the pupils.

I used pieces of gum cut into triangles for the teeth. The hardest part was icing the body green before using a star tip to put the pattern all over its body. It took A LOT of icing!

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  1. I used a (roughly) 17″x12″ sheet cake pan for the head and body. I drew the head and body on wax paper then cut it out and laid it over the cake to carve it. The curvy tail is a bunt cake cut in half with another piece of the other half added to the tip of it so it curves. The feet are cupcakes cut in half. The mounds for the eyes are scrap pieces. Hope this helps!


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