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Coolest Alligator Birthday Cake

I made this alligator cupcake/cake combo for my son’s first birthday – it turned out amazing! The head was made from a bachelor party novelty cake pan. Who knew you would ever be able to use it again??

I decorated it to look like an alligator then added miniature cupcakes and regular cupcakes for the body. I used white and dark chocolate chips for the claws, eyes and nostrils. The eyes were made using an additional miniature cupcake cut in half. The icing is my mom’s cream cheese icing recipe with green and red food coloring.

On a side note, the first attempt at the alligator head was a complete failure and disintegrated while I was attempting to ice it. At nearly midnight… then we had to go to the store and get another box of cake mix. I got the platter from party city as well as the little frogs around the gator. Also used blue gel icing for the water detailing.

Homemade Alligator  Birthday Cake

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