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Awesome Homemade 3D Crocodile Birthday Cake

My son wanted a Crocodile Birthday Cake for his 2nd birthday. I put together a few different ideas, some from this site and from another.

I used a bunt tin and a loaf tin and carved out the pieces. The body is 3/4’s of the loaf tin – the remainder was used for the head. Cut the bunt into 1/3rd’s using 2 1/3rd’s for the tail and the remainder for the legs, mouth and eyes. It took 2 amounts of butter icing.

It’s rather a heavy cake so I was able to put a wedge of cake to prop the mouth open and used Tic Tacs for it’s teeth. Mint leaves and green M&M’s for down the back. Royal icing and brown M&M’s for the eyes.



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