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Huge Crocodile Birthday Cake that Fed 40 People

After lots of looking to get inspiration, of both real crocs and other croc cakes, I made a template from baking paper and worked out how many cakes, and what shapes to cook.

For my crocodile,( it was for my son’s 2nd birthday combined Naming Day, so had to feed 40 people and look great!), I made 2 slab tins, one ring tin, 4 large muffins and 4 small (each slab tin took two lots cake batter, so 5 in total). I also made a couple extra muffins in case I messed one up!

I made my butter cake batter from scratch, as the taste was sooo much better than store bought, chocolate and vanilla so I could marble the cakes, and made two types of icing. Butter cream dyed green with natural food coloring,(need a lot to get good color), and royal icing for his details eg bumps down his back.

I also had board ready to go so I could prepare and ice the cake in position. The crocs head and legs were in one slab or large rectangle tin, his body cut from other. His tail was the ring tin cut in half then one piece flipped and joined to make a curved tail.

The large muffins with third cut off so they sat flat, were his eyes and the smaller two cut same way was his nostrils. I used spearmint leaves as scales, wide licorice straps cut for claws, mini M&M’s for nostrils and pupils, red icing pen for mouth detail and white chocolate drops cut to points for his snaggley teeth.

I had a ball making this for my son, and although I think I’ve set the bench mark a little high for future birthdays, he was worth it. My friends were amazed.

Hope this helps, so you too with a little imagination can create whatever your child loves! Have fun.

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

Homemade Crocodile Birthday Cake

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