Coolest Cat Cake for the Ultimate Cat Lover

Coolest Cat Cake

I had so much fun making this cat cake. To say that my boss is a cat lover is mild. She is a cat fanatic!  Her current collection includes Sam, Lucy and Gabby.  They are very loved, very spoiled and very special.  So when Tracey was preparing to celebrate turning 50 the obvious theme for … Read more

Cute Cat Cake

We have one person who makes a lot of birthday cakes for folks in the office. One day she had the cake sitting on a table next to the steps in a cake keeper and was attempting to grab her cat to take to the vet. She accidently bumped the table while making a grab … Read more

Coolest Novelty Cat Cake

Coolest Novelty Cat Cake

This novelty cat cake was my first attempt at a sculpted cake, and let me tell you it was absolutely 100% enjoyable!  I would do it over 1000 times if I had to. I started preparations a few days in advance just to get an idea of what I was going to do. Bear in mind this is … Read more

Cute Homemade 3D Cat Cake for my Little Neighbor

Coolest Cat Cake

This cat cake was made for my little neighbors birthday. Ingredients for this cake is not easily to translated into English but i’ll try. First layer is made of ground biscuits, butter , icing sugar and juice. Cream is made of milk, butter, sugar, and vanilla pudding. Second layer is made of biscuits (called Jaffa ,they are covered with … Read more

Coolest Kitty Birthday Cake

Coolest Kitty Birthday Cake

I made this Kitty birthday cake for my niece’s 8th birthday. She wanted a kitty cat because she like cats . This is the first cake I have ever made like this. The cat is made with rice krisp treats and white choc. melts. The little purple blanket is made with marshmallow fondant. The little yarn ball … Read more

Gross Kitty Litter Cake

Gross Kitty Litter Cake

I served this gross Kitty Litter cake at a Halloween supper, much to the delight and horror our of our guests! It looks absolutely gross, but of course tastes great and is just a lot of fun to serve. Crumble both a chocolate and a vanilla cake into a bowl.  Crumble/chop up a package of Golden … Read more

Coolest First Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade First Cat Birthday Cake

Well I really wanted an excuse to get the gals together for lunch so they were invited over to celebrate my sweet babies VJ and Tigger’s 1st birthday August of 2010…yes, my adopted baby boys are furry. I am an artist as profession, but baking is still an art I am currently trying to master. … Read more

Cute Homemad White Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

I made this Cat Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday. The cake and icing had to be dairy free so she could have it so I used Duncan Hines Devil’s Food cake mix and vanilla Homestyle frosting. I first made a template and cut it into pieces to fit on 3 cakes baked in … Read more

Cute Homemade 3D Cat Cake for my Son

Homemade Cat Cake

I made a cat cake for my son Rahul for his second birthday. My son likes Dogs and Cats. So I decided to make a cat cake for him. I borrowed the ideas from Betty Crocker website and made cut outs and assembled the cake. Before making it I came to this website page for … Read more

Cool Homemade Blue Cat Birthday Cake

Homemade Blue Cat Birthday Cake

My soon to be 2 yr old daughter insisted the only cake she wanted was a Blue Cat Birthday Cake. So here is a blue cat! I made one round cake and 2 muffins out of a butter cake recipe – cut the muffins into triangles for the ears and iced with store bought roll … Read more

Cat Birthday Cake #2

I found a picture online of a cat birthday cake that I liked and my daughter loved it. There were no directions on how to make it so I improvised. I made two round cakes and layered them with a filling and dyed the frosting to match. For the 3-D effect I made an extra … Read more

Adorable Purple Cat Face Birthday Cake

Homemade Cat Birthday Cake

This Cat Birthday Cake was easy and fun to make! First I made one cake mix and put half in a 10 inch circle pan and the rest in a 8×8 square pan. After they cooled out of the oven I placed the circle on a cake board and then cut ears out of the … Read more