Coolest Homemade Horse Cake Photos and Tips 5

The horse cake: 11 x 15 Butter Cream (2 cake mixes) I used canned frosting to save on time – Butter Cream for the background and chocolate for the horse. I placed a smooth layer on the entire cake, outlined my horse with a chocolate piping line and filled it in with the tip that … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake

For this Horse Birthday Cake, I made a double butter yellow cake mix. I used a large 9×11 cake pan, froze the cake and outlined the major part of the head (excluding the ears) with a knife before cutting. With the extra parts, I cut out the ears and a piece for the eye so … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

Homemade Horse Birthday Cake Idea

My 4 year old daughter loved horses so I decided on a Horse Birthday Cake Idea. I came on this website for some ideas and came up with this one as the best for me. I drew a template on paper first and then used it to cut out the cake. I used a large … Read more

Coolest Horse Cupcake Cake

Homemade Horse Cupcake Cake

I have three sons and they are crazy about horses! They were turning 4, 3 and 2. They were all born in October. The oldest and youngest were both born on the 20th and the middle boy the 21st! So we had one big joint party! We made this horse cupcake cake for their birthday … Read more

Coolest Horse Birthday Cake

Horse Birthday Cake

My daughter loves horses and wanted a Horse Birthday Cake. With a 13″x9″ cake pan and a little creativity, this cake put a big smile on her face! I added plastic flowers and butterflies to add extra pretty’s to this already awesome cake. This cake was a big hit at her birthday party!

Coolest Homemade Horse Cake Photos and Tips 6

My daughter wanted a horse cake and after searching for some kind of horse cake mold/pan I quickly realized that I would have to be more creative than a cake pan. I found this website and liked the horse sheet cake. So, I used some of the suggestions and found a horse coloring sheet that … Read more