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Coolest Easy Horse Cakes

I didn’t have a lot of time for making cakes for my daughter’s 5th birthday and so I came here for ideas but nothing stuck. I searched the net and came across a site with an easy to make horse cake and these are what came out of it.

You need just 4 round cakes and the site had a cut out that you could print to use if you needed. Easy and fun to put together. I used Juniors mints for eyes and nose. I usually use butter cream frosting which does well in heat and my daughters birthday is in July. These two little cakes are supposed to resemble a couple of our real horses.

Once again, my cakes turned out to be a hit and for something like this which is super easy, it says so much more than a cake pan cake. My girl loved it! Again, a great place to come and see what everyone else is doing and share what I’ve created.




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