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Coolest Birthday Pony Cake

This Birthday Pony Cake was made by making two layers in jelly roll pans (one cake mix per pan). I used a thin layer of whipped white frosting between the two cakes and then used a paper cutout to make the shape of the cake. We did use a small piece of the cake as the ear and attached it with frosting as well.

I put a thin layer of the whipped lavender frosting (which we bought at the local store) over the entire cake and let that set before adding a thicker main layer – smoothing it out so it was very even. We used a junior mint as the nose and a upside-down chocolate star for the eye. Purple twizzlers made a lovely bridal and also used jelly bellies to decorated the perimeter of the cake and make flowers to go around the candles.

The yellow mane was also seen on the side of the horse. We used the tube frosting with changeable tips for the mane and pink decorations on the cake. Purple gel tubes were used for the ear and eyelashes.

This was my first attempt at making/decorating a cake and it was fun!

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