Coolest Bear Christening Cake

Homemade Bear Christening Cake

I baked this Bear Christening cake for my daughter’s friend for a Christening. I started by making the bear’s body, arms, legs and head. I then pushed a cocktail stick through the body, cut off some of the stick so it didn’t protrude through the head. I then attached the head. When the head was … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

Chocolate Teddy Bear Cake

I made this teddy bear cake from scraps during the process of making a first birthday cake in the shape of a number one, 2 cupcakes, and 2 small rounds. It could be made as a cutout as well. I just didn’t want to waste the pieces I had left from my other project. I … Read more

Homemade Punk Teddy Bear Valentine

Punk Teddy

My boyfriend’s in a punk band and we both have a punk style. I figured what better way to decorate a valentine cake than a punk teddy bear. I used the full size 3d teddy bear mold by wilton to bake it. To decorate I used chocolate frosting, black frosting, white icing, peel twizzlers, and … Read more

Cool Homemade Baby Shower Bear Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Bear Cake

I made this Baby Shower Bear Cake for my sister-in-law. This is a full sheet cake on the bottom and star tipped to look like a quilt. I piped four butterflies on the cake and star tipped them in. The next tier is a 10″ cake star tipped all the way around and made as … Read more

Coolest Homemade Teddy Bear Childrens Cakes and Tips 11

I made an 8-inch round cake, cut an inner circle for the face, and cut the outer circle into 8 rectangular pieces. I used only 4 pieces for legs. Then I made a 8-inch square cake for the body and used the 2 muffins as ears, 1/2 muffin (upside down) for nose, chocolate-covered M&Ms for … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 0

This is a cake I made for a friends son’s first birthday which was a picnic/outdoor theme. The bottom is a two layer 10in round cake, frosted with green buttercream. The bear is the stand up 3D bear pan from Wiltons, also frosted in chocolate buttercream. The picnic blanket is homemade marshmallow fondant. You can … Read more

Coolest Bear Birthday Cake

Homemade Bear Birthday Cake

The mold of the Bear Birthday Cake is a 2 piece contraption that clips together. I thought I had it fastened properly but did not. I poured the batter into it, put it in the oven where the batter proceeded to flow out like hot lava all over the place. Luckily I put the mold … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake

Part of my son’s birthday party consisted of making stuffed animals, teddy bears and the like. The gym where we had the party supplied all the paper goods so I didn’t need much for a theme, but decided I wanted to do a teddy bear cake to go along with the teddy-bear idea. I had … Read more

Coolest ‘Me to You’ Tatty Bear Cake

Homemad  'Me to You' Tatty Bear Cake

I made this Homemade ‘Me to You’ Tatty Bear Cake for a friend of mine who is obsessed with these bears. I looked everywhere for an idea but couldnt find one which actually looked like the bear! So in the end I designed my own with the help of my daughter’s teddy bear. I drew … Read more

Coolest Baby Shower Bear Cake

Homemade Baby Shower Bear Cake

I made a Baby Shower Bear Cake for my friend’s baby shower, she knew she was having a girl so I chose to make a purple bear. This cake was made with a Williams-Sonoma Build-a-Bear cake mold (This cake bakes as right and left sides). I used the Williams-Sonoma recipe for a lemon bundt cake … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Baby Cakes 0

I got this idea from the Wilton website baby cakes section. I used the stand up bear pan and a round pan to make the cake. I frosted the bottom first and then put the bear on and frosted the smooth parts first. I used two shades of brown for the bear. The safety pins … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 1

My daughter wanted to have her birthday at Build a Bear workshop this year so the obvious thing to do for her cake was to make one in the shape of a teddy bear. This was super easy and got free cake decorating ideas from this site. I didnt have the round pans I needed … Read more

Coolest Pink Bear Cake for Coco’s 2nd Birthday 26

Homemade Pink Bear Cake for Coco's 2nd Birthday

I made this Pink Bear Cake for Coco’s 2nd birthday from boxed strawberry cake mixes. I used a total of 3. First I made the bear cake mold (1 box), then 2 8″ round cake pans (1 box), then I used a 3″ tall 12″ round (1 box). The base was the 12″ round. I … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

Teddy Bear Cake

This teddy bear cake was for a gift at a baby shower. I used the mini bear cake pan and ball cake pan, baked as directed. The ball and bear were decorated using a #16 star tip with colored buttercream frosting. I use Wilton’s recipe but instead of just vanilla I use a mixture of … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

Homemade Teddy Bear Cake

I made this Teddy Bear Cake for my friend’s daughter as she loves me-to-you teddy bears. I used two different sized glass pyrex bowls for the head and the body and secured them with a wooden skewer. I then cut out the basic shapes for the arms and legs, nose and ears out of a … Read more

Coolest Build A Bear 3D Bear Cake

Build-A-Bear 3D Bear Cake

My daughter was having her birthday party at Build-A-Bear so for the Build-A-Bear theme I made a 3D bear cake to look like the Build-A-Bear character (girl one). I used the Wilton 3D Bear Cake mold and followed the instructions that came with the cake as to the type of cake mix to use, etc. … Read more

Coolest Teddy Bear Baby Cakes 1

This is a Wilton bear cake pan with 1-1/2 cake mixes. I used buttercream icing for the cake. I used a real pacifier and the bottle is a sour candy bottle for kids in the candy section. I made one for a little girl and one for a little boy by changing the color of … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 2

I made the cake using the Wilton Teddy Bear pan. It is wonderfully simple to use. I followed the free cake decorating ideas exactly using the tips mentioned. I used cocoa to get the brown colour, that way it tasted nice too! I made a buttercream icing but instead of 1/2 cup shortening and 1/2 … Read more

Cute Homemade Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

Homemade Teddy Bears Picnic Cake

I made this Teddy Bears Picnic Cake for a friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday. She doesn’t like anything pink and girlie so I thought this would be ideal. Its a rectangle Madeira cake covered with ready to roll fondant icing. To make the picnic blanket I cut little yellow and blue squares, laid them out … Read more

Coolest Baptism Cake

Homemade Baptism Cake

As is a lovely British tradition, I used the top tier of our wedding cake as the base for my eldest daughter’s baptism cake (luckily we were only married a year before my first daughter came along, so the cake wasn’t too old)! I had to take off the old icing and marzipan and redo … Read more

Free Cake Decorating Ideas for a Teddy Bear Cake 3

I made two 9″ round cakes for the base and then used Wiltons stand up bear cake mold that is about 20 years old and still works perfectly! I suggest when making a cake like this you insert a dowel rod down through the center because the bears head can be kind of top heavy. … Read more