Coolest Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

My daughter Zuzia loves teddy bears. I decided to make a 3d teddy bear cake for her second birthday. I bought an online course because I wanted to be sure I would succeed.

when I started to create my cake, my Husband couldn’t stop laughing. Everything in our kitchen was coverd in a chocolate ganache, sugar paste and butter cream. 

Luckly I bake a sponge cake ne day before so I could focus on shaping my Teddy bear and decorating it. 

It took me over four hours to finish my work. I had to call my boss I would be late for work ( I’m working in a restaurant, evening shifts).

When I finished my husband was amazed! The cake was perfect!!

Zuzia saw her Bday cake next day morning. When she saw it she began shouting excitedly  “oh wow, my new teddy bear!! So sweet!! Mummy, can give it a hug?


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