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Coolest Teddy Bear Birthday Cake

This was my very first time attempting to make a teddy bear cake, and I’m glad that it turned out so well. I made a cardboard stencil using an 8″ round pan, but adding legs. I baked the base of the cake in a 1/4 sheet pan, then cut it using my stencil. I then stacked three more 8″ rounds on top.

Using a ball pan, I baked the head. I wrapped the body and head (separately), and let chill over night, for easier carving. The next day, I carved the body to the shape I wanted, and did the same for the head, because teddy s don”t have a perfectly round head. I then put my bubble tea straws down into the body so that it can support the head better.

I crumb coated, added fondant, including ears, arms and snout, piped on fur, and added eyes and bow. The birthday girl was more than thrilled.  After all, her party was at a popular Bear store.