Coolest Stewie from Family Guy Picture Cake Ideas

Coolest Family Guy Picture Cake Ideas

My nephew is a big Stewie fan so when I was asked to make his birthday cake I figured I had to do Stewie. I made a 9×13 cake as the base. Then for Stewie’s head I made an 8-inch square cake and made a 6-inch round cake for his body. I went online and … Read more

Coolest Family Guy Cake

Coolest Family Guy Cake

I was asked to make a Family Guy cake for my friend’s granddaughter who is 7. Steps for Making This Family Guy Cake I made three 7″round cakes. I sandwiched two together using buttercream and jam and then cut a third off the cake. This was to be the back of the sofa. I cut … Read more

Coolest Family Guy Picture Cakes How-To Tips – Stewie 1

I made this Stewie cake for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday. He loves to watch the Family Guy TV show and Stewie is one of his favorite characters. I chose this particular family guy picture because it was just cute. It’s a basic cake recipe and buttercream icing recipe. I printed out the family guy picture … Read more

Coolest Family Guy Picture Cakes How-To Tips – Stewie 2

Stewie is a character from the TV show “Family Guy”. My roommate is a big fan so I made it for her 25th birthday. I used a visual from a design on a shirt. Things you need to get started: 2 boxes of any flavor cake mix, two 13x9in square cake pans, four 16oz containers … Read more

Coolest Stewie Cop Cake

Sexy Stewie Cop Cake

I decided to make this Stewie cop cake from a clip from the Family Guy movie. It’s a Hershey double chocolate cake recipe. I made a buttercream icing dyed all the colors separately. Printed out the picture from my computer and free handed the whole thing. Before free handing it I practiced drawing the actual … Read more

Coolest Family Guy Stewie Cake

Homemade Family Guy  Stewie Cake

I made this Family Guy Stewie cake for my husband’s birthday. He is a huge Family Guy fan. I used one 10×13 cake and one 8×8 cake. Once baked and cooled I cut the 10×13 into an oval for his head and I used the smaller cake for the body. (save the pieces that you … Read more

Coolest Stewie Griffin Birthday Cake

Homemade Stewie Griffin Birthday Cake

We used 2 cake mixes and 2-13 x 9 cake pans for this Stewie Griffin Birthday Cake. We carved each cake using proportions from a picture we found on the internet. My daughter Jessica did the math! Good job. I made all the icing and fondant homemade and colored using Wilton’s coloring. The trick we … Read more

Coolest Stewie Cake

Homemade Stewie Cake

My friend and I are obsessed with Family Guy and Stewie is our favorite. In my school, everyone makes their friend a cake on her birthday, so I decided to make my a Stewie cake! It is rather simple to make. Just take a Dunkin Hines cake mix (I used the yellow cake mix) and … Read more

Coolest Stewie Birthday Cake

Homemade  Stewie Birthday Cake

I made this Stewie Birthday Cake for my husband’s birthday, he got given the choice of what he would like and decided on the ‘There’s Treachery Afoot – Stewie Cake”! I started out with a basic sponge mix and cooked in a rectangular cake tin. I got his Family Guy DVD as reference and using … Read more

Cool Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

This is a cake I made for my 12 yr old son. It is of Stewie from the family guy show on TV. I started with a round cake pan. I used a double cake mix out of the box, Betty Crocker I think. I put most of the mix in one round pan and … Read more

Funny Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

Homemade Stewie And Iron Man Birthday Cake

This year, for my husband’s birthday, I decided to make him a cake with the two characters he really likes, Iron Man & Stewie from Family Guy! So I drew Stewie pointing his finger at Iron Man and saying You must obey me Iron Manas he flies away! He loved the Stewie birthday cake and … Read more

Funny Homemade Stewie Cake

Homemade Stewie Cake

My fiance Wayne is a huge fan so for his birthday party this year I made him a Stewie cake. Just the head as I was pushed for time so the end result literally took me half an hour to ice. The cake is a chocolate sponge, covered in a Bournville buttercream finally covered in … Read more