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Cool Homemade Stewie Birthday Cake

This is a cake I made for my 12 yr old son. It is of Stewie from the family guy show on TV. I started with a round cake pan. I used a double cake mix out of the box, Betty Crocker I think. I put most of the mix in one round pan and baked that and then I took another round cake pan, and put the rest of the mix in, which was probably about 1/4 of the pan.

When the cakes where done I let them cool, you have to really watch the one with a bit of mix in so it doesn’t burn. Then when it was cool I cut the thinner cake into a football shape for Stewie’s head and put it on the fuller cake.

From there I proceeded to ice the cake and i used, regular icing from a container and just added food colouring to make different colours, I also used some gel writers to do the finer things, the eyes are actually marshmallows (flattened) and black licorice stuck in the middle for the eye balls, the hair is also pieces of black licorice.

This homemade Stewie birthday cake was a really amazing looking cake when we were done and my son and his friends thought it was awesome (that was the important part). Decorating didn’t take that long either.

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