Coolest Stewie Birthday Cake

I made this Stewie Birthday Cake for my husband’s birthday, he got given the choice of what he would like and decided on the ‘There’s Treachery Afoot – Stewie Cake”!

I started out with a basic sponge mix and cooked in a rectangular cake tin. I got his Family Guy DVD as reference and using a sharp knife I cut out the shape of Stewie’s head – in hindsight I do think I would have been better making a template.

I decorated the cake using ready to roll icing, glace icing, warm jam and red, yellow and black food colouring – my local supermarket stock natural food colouring so no nasty e-numbers! I held back some of the icing for the eyes, kneading the rest of the ready to roll icing together with the red and yellow food colouring, I used approx 4 drops of red and 1 drop of yellow to make a good skin colour.

I rolled the icing out and brushed the cake with the warm jam to make the icing stick, next I put the icing on the cake moulding it into all of the nooks and crannies, removed the excess with a sharp knife and reserved. I rolled out the white icing and using a small cutter (it was a clean top from a spice jar) cut out 2 eyes; I stuck these to the cake with the warm jam. I then re-rolled out the reserved skin colour and using the cutter and made two more circles, I used these to make his eyelids; again using the jam stuck this to the cake.

I then made my glace icing and added the black food colouring – you want the icing thick. Using an icing syringe and the picture as reference drew out Stewie’s facial features, his pupils, nose, mouth and his hair. To define his eyes I just used a paintbrush (clean!) and the black food colouring and painted the outline.

That is it!

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