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Coolest Stewie from Family Guy Picture Cake Ideas

My nephew is a big Stewie fan so when I was asked to make his birthday cake I figured I had to do Stewie.

I made a 9×13 cake as the base. Then for Stewie’s head I made an 8-inch square cake and made a 6-inch round cake for his body. I went online and downloaded a Family Guy picture of Stewie. I printed it large enough to use as a template. Then I cut out his head and body separate.

I laid the head onto the 8-inch cake and cut around it; same with the body on to the 6-inch cake., I frosted them as normal but then covered the body with yellow and red fondant again using the body cut out as a guide. I covered the head with flesh colored fondant. I placed the head and body on to the base cake and used two circles of white fondant for the eyes. I then add in the details with black frosting.

It was a hit no one wanted to cut it because they thought it looked so good!

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Family Guy picture cake by Megan M., Fairmont, WV

Family Guy Picture Cake

I made this Stewie cake for my boyfriend’s 27th birthday. He loves to watch the Family Guy TV show and Stewie is one of his favorite characters. I chose this particular family guy picture because it was just cute.

It’s a basic cake recipe and buttercream icing recipe. I printed out the family guy picture of Stewie, traced it, and then iced him on the cake freehand. A good tip for doing black icing I’ll tell ya: mix in cocoa powder to make it darker, and then add your black food coloring. You might have to add some water so that it doesn’t become so stiff. It tastes great without having that gross food coloring taste!!!

Family Guy picture cake by Helena M., Angier, NC

Family Guy Picture Cake

Stewie is a character from the TV show “Family Guy”. My roommate is a big fan so I made it for her 25th birthday. I used a visual from a design on a shirt.

Things you need to get started: 2 boxes of any flavor cake mix, two 13x9in square cake pans, four 16oz containers of white icing, a Wilton’s 18 piece starter cake decorating set, and Wilton’s paste icing colors- brown, red, yellow, blue, and black.

Follow the directions on the cake boxes. While the cakes are baking, mix your icing colors. Stewie’s hands and face are tan so I used brown paste mix (all colors to your own liking). His shirt is yellow, his overalls are red, his shoes are blue, and the trim, facial features and hair are black.

After mixing icing colors, refrigerate for a little while to thicken up the icing. it works better in the decorating bags and whenever the icing starts to get thin just refrigerate again.

After the cakes are cooled down, use one cake to cut the shape of the head and use the second one for the body. For his face and shirt I used a plastic knife to spread the icing. For the trim, his hair, his ears and facial features I used the #3 round tip. For his overalls I used #21 star tip and for his shoes I used the #16 star tip.