Coolest Stewie Cake

My friend and I are obsessed with Family Guy and Stewie is our favorite. In my school, everyone makes their friend a cake on her birthday, so I decided to make my a Stewie cake!

It is rather simple to make. Just take a Dunkin Hines cake mix (I used the yellow cake mix) and bake it in a 14×10 inch pan. Then I let it cool, made frosting and made separate bowls of colored frosting (I was out of red food coloring so I mixed the yellow with strawberry crystalite to make orange).

To make the cake in the shape of Stewie I drew him on a piece of paper, then I cut it out. I placed the paper cutout on top of the cooled caked. I used a knife to trace the outline onto the cake, then I cut it. I spread a thin layer of frosting over the whole cake, then I got down to adding the right colors in the right spot. When I was done with that, it came time for the outline.

I took dark bakers chocolate, melted it and used a NEW never used thin paintbrush and dipped it into the chocolate. I drizzled it along the edges and over the right places to give Stewie a mouth, eyes, nose, hands, around the head, and pretty much all around the perimeter of his body.

Sorry that his ears are cut off, we couldn’t wait to eat him!

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