Coolest Family Guy Cake

I was asked to make a Family Guy cake for my friend’s granddaughter who is 7.

Steps for Making This Family Guy Cake

  • I made three 7″round cakes.
  • I sandwiched two together using buttercream and jam and then cut a third off the cake. This was to be the back of the sofa.
  • I cut the last cake in half and sandwiched this together using jam and buttercream. This was to be the seat of the sofa.
  • I then covered the whole cake in buttercream and chilled it in the freezer.

Making the Sofa

  • I covered the sofa in a brown fondant.
  • I then made both the arms by rolling small sausage shapes of fondant and covering them with brown fondant.
  • I rolled a small ball of fondant for the end of each arm and made indents to make it look like the fabric was puckered.
  • Then, I made the buttons in the back of the sofa.
  • Next, I made the frill  around the base of the sofa and then the sofa was left overnight to harden.

Making Stewie and Brian Griffin

  • I made  the dog out of white fondant and then added a black nose.
  • I cut out the eyes using a piping nozzle.
  • I made the kid (Stewie) by starting with the shorts.
  • Then, I added the t-shirt and the straps of the shorts.
  • Next I added the head,  the legs and the shoes and left him overnight to harden.
  • Using food coloring in black and vodka, I painted on the eyes, hair, mouth and the nose of the kid (Stewie) and the eyes on the dog.

To finish up, I made a number 7 in fondant and attached it to the side of the cake.  I also made a yellow rug and attached the name Madison  to it.

The cake was now finished and Madison loved it!

Coolest Family Guy Cake