Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips

My daughter wanted a Madagascar party this year and she wanted Alex and Marty on the cake. The cake was an 11×15, half yellow, half chocolate, both box mixes. The icing is the standard Wilton recipe for Butter cream icing. We found coloring pages of Alex & Marty online and printed them out. I then … Read more

Coolest Afro Circus Polka Dot Birthday Cake

Homemade Afro Circus Polka Dot Birthday Cake

This Afro Circus Polka Dot birthday cake was created for my co-worker’s daughter, Brianna, to celebrate her sixth birthday! If you’ve seen Madagascar 3 (or know a child who has) you’ve probably been treated to numerous renditions of the Afro Circus Polka Dot theme song. That’s my inspiration for this cake. The three featured characters … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 1

I wanted a unique Madagascar Cake for my daughter who is in love with the movie. I decided to make 3 cakes: an island scene, the penguins in Antarctica, and a Happy Birthday basic cake for the candles. Cake sizes are 8, 10, 12-inch and are presented on the Wilton Cakes N More 3-tiered Party … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 2

For my sons 4th birthday, he wanted a Madagascar party and wanted all the characters on the cake. I bought a balloon and traced the picture. I then used piping gel to outline and transpose the Madagascar picture to the cake. I used a variety of tips to create each character and added fondant leaves … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 4

I saw a cake like this online as a Safari cake and decided to add the Madagascar characters for a fun twist. I also gave it a bridge and some edible flowers for extra flair. I started with an 11×15-inch sheet cake. I used stacked construction to make a “mountain” of cake. These layers consisted … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Photos and How-To Tips 5

This Madagascar cake I had actually whipped up a couple hrs before my sons 5th birthday party. With having 4 thin regular cakes already cooled started separating icing for the different colors I had to dye with food coloring, stacked 2 and a half layers in 3 diff colors, used the other halves to place … Read more

Madagascar Cake

Madagascar Cake

My four year old girl had been watching repeatedly the Madagascar DVD a few weeks before her birthday and so no doubt she said she wanted a Madagascar cake! I had the thought of the character animals popping up from the cargo boxes from seeing the movie posters on the web. The square cakes were … Read more

Cool Homemade Madagascar Cake

Madagascar Cake

I made this Madagascar cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday, she loved the Madagascar Movie and loved the song and danced to “I like to Move it” whenever it played. This cake consisted of a 9 by 13 slab and 3 spring form cakes each of 9″ 7″ and 5 1/2″ each. When all the … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Cake

Homemade Madagascar Cake

For my daughter’s 3rd Birthday she wanted a Madagascar party. After looking through the beautiful cakes on this site I combined a couple of different ideas. The bottom tier is a single 12 inch marble cake with butter cream frosting. The second tier and the small third tier are both devil’s food cake with butter … Read more

Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake

Homemade Madagascar Birthday Cake

My son loves the Madagascar movie characters and so it was a clear choice when his birthday came. I searched for readily available decorated cakes but could not find one that would really capture his heart. So I decided to embark on my own Madagascar Birthday Cake. The cake was a basic vanilla cake frosted … Read more

Coolest Madagascar 2nd Birthday Cake

Homemade Madagascar 2nd Birthday Cake

This Madagascar 2nd Birthday Cake was made for my granddaughter’s 2nd birthday. She had watched the movie Madagascar, a million times if not more, over and over and over again. She was just in love with the movie, so her mother thought it would be a good idea to have a cake made after the … Read more