Coolest Madagascar Birthday Cake Ideas

My daughter wanted a Madagascar party this year and she wanted Alex and Marty on the cake. The cake was an 11×15, half yellow, half chocolate, both box mixes. The icing is the standard Wilton recipe for Butter cream icing.

We found coloring pages of Alex & Marty online and printed them out. I then traced them on wax paper with black gel and then flipped it onto the cake to get a pattern. Marty was easy to do, just outline most of him again with black icing. Alex took a little more work. He was mostly done with the star tip in brown and a yellowish brown. For his mane I used tip #233 in a lightened brown and just pulled it out in long strips. I did two layers of that.

For the grass of the Madagascar cake I also used tip 233 but did short grass by pulling straight up. I added the tree last minute because the area looked bare. For that I just used tip 46 for the trunk and 352 for the long leaves. I saved the grass bag of icing knowing that all the kids were going to want grass on their pieces. I was glad I did!

More Madagascar Cake Ideas

Cake by Amanda E., Pensacola, FL

Madagascar Cake Photo

I wanted a unique Madagascar Cake for my daughter who is in love with the movie. I decided to make 3 cakes: an island scene, the penguins in Antarctica, and a Happy Birthday basic cake for the candles. Cake sizes are 8, 10, 12-inch and are presented on the Wilton Cakes ‘N More 3-tiered Party Stand.

The 8-inch cake is Strawberry with Funfetti Frosting and a Madagascar edible image with the “Happy Birthday” text and 2 Smiley Star Chunky Candles.

The 10-inch cake is a chocolate cake with Wilton Buttercream frosting. To make the cake uneven I carved around the edges to form snowy hills. The water was made by first spraying a thin layer of Wilton Color Mist Blue. Then I tinted gel icing with teal and spread it over the Color Mist. The boat is made out of black and white fondant. The iceberg is white fondant. I found the monkeys and penguins and crates online as a toy set and placed them on the Madagascar cake.

Madagascar Cake Photo

After all items where placed on the cake I dusted it with powder sugar to make it look as though it had snowed on them. Then I used lifesaver mints to make the lifesavers that go around the cake. The red stripes where painted on food coloring. Then I used the small star tip to make the rope connecting the lifesavers. Finally done!

The 12-inch cake is yellow cake with Wilton Buttercream Icing. The beach is colored using Color Mist in yellow and orange. The ocean is made by first spraying a thin layer of Wilton Color Mist Blue.

Then I tinted gel icing with teal and spread it over the Color Mist. I then dug out a hole to set Melman in and crushed up cake to look like sand and put over Melman (The Madagascar Animals came from a cake kit that is available at local supermarkets). I placed Gloria and Alex around Melman and placed Marty on the other side of the cake.

Madagascar Cake Photo

Then I dragged a toothpick to make a divider line (if you’ve seen the movie, this is the scene when Marty and Alex go their separate ways). Then I cut palm trees out of brown and green fondant to decorate the cakes edges. Done.

When finished I arranged the Madagascar cakes on the cake stands. This made for a great presentation and was a huge hit at my daughter’s 2nd birthday!

Cake by Vicki F., West Haven, CT

Madagascar Cake Photo

For my son’s 4th birthday, he wanted a Madagascar party and wanted all the characters on the cake. I bought a balloon and traced the picture. I then used piping gel to outline and transpose the Madagascar picture to the cake. I used a variety of tips to create each character and added fondant leaves and flowers to enhance the look. I wrote his names in vines on the side of the cake.

Cake by Elizabeth A., Pembroke Pines, FL,

Madagascar Cake Photo

Cake by Donna T., Ozark, AL

Madagascar Cake Photo

I saw a cake like this online as a Safari cake and decided to add the Madagascar characters for a fun twist. I also gave it a bridge and some edible flowers for extra flair.

I started with an 11×15-inch sheet cake. I used stacked construction to make a “mountain” of cake. These layers consisted of 10, 8 and 6-inch round layers. I used cake boards and dowel rods for support and placed the round layers on the sheet cake beginning with the largest; icing as I went up- forming a staircase effect.

Then the entire cake was iced with chocolate butter cream. I used white icing to form a waterfall coming down the top of the cake and cascading into a pool at the bottom.

Be careful not to mix your white and chocolate icing. You could leave a gutter for your waterfall when you are icing the Madagascar cake with chocolate and not have to worry about mixing the flavors. Swirl the white icing around to look like water and spray with blue food spray.

Then use a knife or toothpick to mix in some blue piping gel. I also sprinkled on some blue glitter. I then added royal icing drop flowers and green plants all over to resemble Madagascar jungle life. I sprinkled a bit of graham cracker crumbs around to resemble a beach. I added the bridge and the Madagascar guys to finish off the cake!

Cake by Kim W., St. Louis, MO

Madagascar Cake Photo

This Madagascar cake I had actually whipped up a couple hrs before my sons 5th birthday party. With having 4 thin regular cakes already cooled started separating icing for the different colors I had to dye with food coloring, stacked 2 and a half layers in 3 diff colors, used the other halves to place around cake and decorated to my liking.

It was a big hit at the party, I don’t know how many people kept asking where did I get it and were then shocked when I said I made it ;-)

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