Coolest Veggie Tale Birthday Cakes

Coolest Veggie Tale Cakes and How-To Tips

The Bob cake was baked in a round baseball/soccer ball pan and Larry came from a normal 13×9 cake pan. after it was baked I cut out the Larry shape with a sharp knife. I made the frosting a little thinner than usual so it would have a glossy finish. The eyes are made from … Read more

Coolest Sweetpea Beauty Veggie Tales Princess Castle Cake

Coolest Sweetpea Beauty Veggie Tales Princess Castle Cake

This is the most elaborate birthday cake I have made so far in the three years I have been a mother. I had so much fun with my two year old daughter’s Sweetpea Beauty VeggieTales Princess Castle Cake. I had always wanted to challenge myself to do a simple castle cake and when I decided on … Read more

Super-Easy Veggie Tales Cake

Super-Easy Veggie Tales Cake

My son wanted a Veggie Tales Birthday party. I decided to make a very simple cake pan cake and just decorate the top. I kept it very simple and clean. I just did the tomato and the cucumber side by side and simply wrote Happy Birthday. This was one of my easiest cakes and he loved it … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake

Veggie Tales Cake (Bob & Larry)

I just used a rectangle cake and cut off the corners to make Larry. Also used a round cake to make Bob. Used remaining batter to make cupcakes to put on the Veggie Tales cake. I used a frosting recipe found on any of the Wilton character cake pan (pdf’s can be found on their … Read more

Coolest Veggietales Birthday Cake

Homemade Veggietales Birthday Cake

This Veggietales Birthday Cake is the first character cake I’ve made, and to be honest it wasn’t all that hard. I made two cakes. The first in a round cake pan, I used vanilla. The second in a rectangular cake pan, I used chocolate and swirled the left over vanilla mix in it to make … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tale Cake

Veggie Tale Cake

Larry the Cucumber was baked in a regular half sheet cake pan (vanilla). We then trimmed the edges with a knife until the desired cucumber shape was achieved. Bob the Tomato was baked in a round cake pan (chocolate, our favorite). We then put both cakes on a sheet of wax paper in preparation for … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Cake

My daughter is a HUGE Veggies Tales fan, so making her a Veggie Tales themed cake was a no brainer. This was an interesting adventure since I had never made a cake like this before. I had never even tasted fondant, let alone made a cake using it. I had no idea what I was … Read more

Coolest Bob And Larry Veggietales Cake

Homemade Bob And Larry Veggietales Cake

Hello from Bob and Larry! This Bob and Larry Veggietales cake is a great cake to make with your extra big sheet pan. I got the image idea from a Veggietales book that my 2-year-old had. This is a classic Bob & Larry pose. Then I sketched it (actual size) out onto a big piece … Read more

Coolest Vegie Tales Cake

Homemade Vegie Tales Cake

My granddaughter loves Vegie Tales so I made Larry and Bob for her 4th birthday party. Larry Boy is a Swiss chocolate cake mix baked in two 8×4 loaf pans. Bob was baked in a round Pyrex bowl. The ends were trimmed from the loaf cakes and angled. I used Americolor gel in vanilla canned … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

Homemade Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

I made one round cake out of white cake that I added a little vanilla pudding to when I mixed it for this Veggie Tales birthday cake. The other side is a 9×13″ cake made of chocolate that I also added pudding to the mix. I just measured along the right bottom side of the … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Cake

Veggie Tales Cake - Larry & Bob

I made this Veggie Tales cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. Bob is made from a Wilton ball pan, while Larry is made from Rice Krispie treats. I first tried making the treats from scratch to save money, but found that the bought treats held together better. Both are covered and decorated with fondant, which … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tales Birthday Cake

Homemade Bob And Larry Cake

My Mum and I tried to make this Veggie Tales Birthday Cake very simple, we were worried that it wouldn’t come out the greatest, but I was REALLY happy with how it came out! We made two round cakes(one used for Bob and the other for the little part with the writing on it) with … Read more