Coolest Wizard of Oz Cake Ideas

Coolest Wizard of Oz Cake Photos and How-To Tips

My three year old granddaughter loves “The Wizard of Oz” and asked for a “Dorfy” cake. I carved the “ruby red slippers” from a frozen Sara Lee pound cake, iced them red and sprinkled them with red sugar. The bows were made from homemade marshmallow fondant tinted red. The yellow brick road was freehanded and … Read more

Amazing Cake Ideas for Hungry Caterpillar Cakes

Amazing Cake Ideas for Hungry Caterpillar Cakes

My nephew’s favorite book when he turned one was the Very Hungry Caterpillar. For his birthday cake I decided to make the Caterpillar and it turned out to be an amazing cake. I used three bunt cakes that I cut up to make the body. I made two different colored green icings to cover the … Read more

Coolest Homemade Yoda from Star Wars Cake Ideas

Coolest Star Wars Cake Photos and Tips

For my son’s 6th birthday he wanted a Yoda cake so I made him a Star Wars cake. I made 2 basic sponges in a rectangle tin. I drew the shape of Yoda’s head onto paper and then again onto card. Once cut out I used it as a template to carve out the cake … Read more

Coolest Ever R2D2 Cake Ideas

Coolest Ever R2D2 Cake Ideas

This R2D2 cake was created for my nephew Cyle when he turned six years old. The cake was constructed of two 9×13 sheet cakes and 1/2 of a 9-inch round cake. The body is one 9×13 cake, the head is a half of a round cake and the legs were cut from second 9×13 cake. … Read more

Coolest R2-D2 Star Wars Cakes and Decorating Tips

Coolest Star Wars Cakes Photo Gallery

I browsed through quite a few R2-D2 Star Wars cakes for inspiration. This was seven round cakes stacked together and frosted in between each layer. Each layer of this cake was a different flavor as well. I got wooden dowels to hold up the different layers. Then I used buttercream to decorate. I made this … Read more

Coolest Homemade Lightsaber Star Wars Birthday Cakes

Coolest Homemade Star Wars Birthday Cakes

In a galaxy far far away we planned a Star Wars party for a five year old. We wanted a fun Star Wars birthday cake for the kids. My son thought a light saber cake would be cool and my husband thought it would be even cooler if it were six feet long. So I … Read more

Coolest Darth Vader Picture Cakes

Coolest Darth Vader Picture Cake Gallery and How-To Tips

My nephew requested a Star Wars-themed cake for his 8th birthday. I decided to try to do something similar to the fondant-covered Storm Trooper cake but with Darth Vader which I copied from a Darth Vader picture. I layered two 9 X 13 sheet cakes (baked from store-bought mix) with store-bought frosting in between. Using … Read more

Coolest Veggie Tale Birthday Cakes

Coolest Veggie Tale Cakes and How-To Tips

The Bob cake was baked in a round baseball/soccer ball pan and Larry came from a normal 13×9 cake pan. after it was baked I cut out the Larry shape with a sharp knife. I made the frosting a little thinner than usual so it would have a glossy finish. The eyes are made from … Read more

Coolest Monster Book Harry Potter Cakes

Coolest Harry Potter Cakes - Photos and Tips

My son wanted a Harry Potter Literary Theme for his 7th birthday this year. I have always enjoyed making his cakes for his parties. We decided to make the cake look like one of the HP books. I used a Wilton book pan and a 9X14 pan. This is essentially two cakes, one topping the … Read more

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Birthday Cake Ideas

This is a boxed cake mix made in a 13×9 cake pan. I searched and searched for a Curious George cake pan without any luck so we decided we’d have to freehand one. First I frosted the entire cake in yellow. I then outlined George’s face from a coloring book page and piped that in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Curious George Cake Ideas

Coolest Curious George Cake Photos and Tips

I used several ideas from this site to come up with this Curious George cake. I baked two 9-inch rounds and made two batches of buttercream frosting, one chocolate (some light for his face some darker for his hair) and one vanilla. I use the Wilton buttercream recipe. I used the darker chocolate frosting for … Read more

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Coolest Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes and How-To Tips

Bottom cake (16×16) of this Winnie the Pooh picture cake is half white/chocolate with fresh strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Pooh is a yellow pound cake. Removable “SMASH” cake is placed on a MMF tablecloth and the party hat is a cone with MMF. The presents are rice crispy treats covered with candy melts and … Read more