Coolest Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Bottom cake (16×16) of this Winnie the Pooh picture cake is half white/chocolate with fresh strawberry filling and buttercream icing. Pooh is a yellow pound cake. Removable “SMASH” cake is placed on a MMF tablecloth and the party hat is a cone with MMF. The presents are rice crispy treats covered with candy melts and hand decorated. Everything is edible except balloons and candle.

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

More Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Cake by Barbara S., Bladensburg, OH

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

This cake was made for my niece’s 1st birthday. I used a large round cake pan. My sister-in-law had told me she liked the Winnie the Pooh picture of him chasing the butterfly. I searched the net for this Winnie the Pooh picture to print out.

Because I’m not much of an artist, I printed the picture out on transparency and cut the outline out. I iced the cake with Buttercream icing tinted teal. I then laid the transparency on the cake and took a toothpick to outline it. Then I added some black icing on a small round tip to do the base outline.

The rest is fill-in-the-blank while looking at the Winnie the Pooh picture. The rest of the picture is done with a star tip. Printing the picture out really does work for those who can’t free hand! I’ve done several cakes that way.

Cake by Carey F., Langley, BC

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

This cake was for a one year old boy who loves Winnie the Pooh. It was a large party so I added the balloons to it. I took a Winnie the Pooh picture off the internet and enlarged it to fit the top of the cake. I cut the Winnie the Pooh picture into pieces in order to trace it onto the crumb coat with a toothpick.

I then went over the lines with black icing and filled it in with stars. The balloons were made with a ball cake pan. I added bees, butterflies, clouds to the balloon cakes and bees, flowers and a grass border to the round Pooh cake.

Cake by Miriam N., Paterson, NJ

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Cake by Belinda M., Bronx, NY

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Cake by Laurel D., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

I used the 3D Winnie the Pooh Wilton pan. For the stump I used two 10-inch round cakes for the stump. Royal icing bees, ladybugs, drop flowers, and spider. I used yellow gel on the front of the honey pot to look like dripping honey.

Cake by Amy W., Blair, NE

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Ellie wanted a Pooh Bear for her 5th birthday cake – so we searched the internet for the perfect Winnie the Pooh picture, found it and enlarged it to the size of the pan.

After frosting the crumb coat, I traced Pooh’s outline with a paring knife then filled in the internal lines / details – following each traced line with black frosting piping.

Next, fill each area with the appropriate color of frosting by using different tips per your liking. After Pooh is complete – frost your remaining area on top and the sides and pipe a decorative line of frosting around the base!

Cake by Antoinette N., Paarl, Cape Town, South Africa

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Firstl, I don’t bake! I order a half “plaatkoek” from our local supermarket and request that they don’t put any icing on. Then – I spend some time on the internet or coloring-in books looking for pictures.

For this cake I found a Winnie the Pooh picture, printed it and enlarged it to A3. I then cut out the Winnie the Pooh picture and placed it on the cake, holding it with pins. I cut around the edges so that you have the basic outline.

I then spread a thin layer of butter icing over the whole surface (for each cake I use a 500g brick margarine and about 1kg icing and a lot of different food colorings). Use a toothpick to make “pencil lines” for your insides. I fill in between the lines first and then do the outlines.

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

Cake by Anne B., Northampton, PA

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

We did a Winnie the Pooh theme for my Son’s 1st birthday. This Winnie the Pooh picture cake is made up of 4 separate cakes. The base is two 12″ round 3″ deep cakes. Pooh was made in a mini bear cake pan and the small cake was made in a jumbo muffin pan.

Once all the cakes were baked and cooled, frosting was tinted in green, brown, golden yellow, red, and blue. The base was frosted green. Fence posts were made by using Wilton tip #47 and frosted with the brown.

Winnie the Pooh was placed on a plastic cake stand which was covered with a doily. Pooh was frosted in the golden yellow using Wilton tip # 233. The Shirt was decorated with Wilton tip #224 using red frosting.

The cake made in the muffin pan was frosted with white frosting and then decorated with blue frosting using Wilton tip # 67. Black Gel Icing was used for the eyes, nose, ears, and eye brows. Red gel icing was used for the mouth. The polls for the sign were made using chopsticks. The sign was made with a piece of white material. The designs were done with Pooh scrapbooking stickers. Once everything was in place for this Winnie the Pooh picture cake, the grass was placed on the top and bottom of the cake using the Wilton tip # 233.

Cake by Linda L., Mississauga, ON

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

This cake was made with the help of a Pooh Wilton Cake Pan. It’s an awesome cake pan and really easy to use.

I followed the instructions that came with the pan and a really decent birthday cake turned out for my son.  I used special icing bags and tips to decorate it (and it was my first time attempting to decorate a cake.)

Cake by Heather F., Bossier City, LA

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

This is Pooh Bear and it was made with the basic Pooh Character cake pan and the instructions that came with it. We did use piping gel with a little bit of yellow food coloring to make it the color of honey.

Cake by Anne-Marie B., Northampton, England

Winnie the Pooh Picture Cakes

I made a 6 egg vanilla Victoria sponge and mixed through white and milk chocolate buttons. I chose a Victoria sponge because I thought it would be easier to cut as it’s not so crumbly. I left the cake overnight to settle.

I drew a Winnie the Pooh picture and cut around the cake using the picture as a template. I then covered the top and sides of the cake with butter cream.

I bought ready-to-roll coloured icing and using the picture I drew and cut out the different sections of Pooh bear. Then I covered the sides of the cake with sprinkles and using black food colouring paste, painted free hand the detail of his face, arms, legs etc.

I stuck the candle in a little hill made of green icing as I didn’t want to damage my work!

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