Coolest DIY Harry Potter Birthday Cake – A Labor of Love!

Coolest Homemade Harry Potter Birthday Cake

This Harry Potter birthday cake was my first attempt at making a fondant cake. My cousin helped work some of the detailing. I was stupid enough to even make my own fondant on this one. Would not recommend that trick. Nice but totally unnecessary. Who eats it anyway? My son was turning 8 yrs old … Read more

Cool Homemade Lion King Birthday Cake

Every year I do a birthday bash for 10 to 13 people who live up on the hill with us, here in Naivasha  and all have birthdays in August.  I try to do one large cake that incorporates everyone.  This was one of these cakes done for my “rafikis” (Swahili for Friends).  All the figures … Read more

Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

Coolest Sponge Bob Cake

This 3-D Sponge Bob cake was made with a sheet cake  cut into four sections then stacked filled and curved. I used a small melon scooper to mimic the holes in Swiss cheese  and then covered in modeling chocolate. Sponge Bob’s pants and shoes were also covered in modeling chocolate. I used a 3 inch round to form the hamburger and … Read more

Cool Sonic the Hedgehog Cake Design

Coolest Cake Design Ideas and Photos

This cake design was planned to knock the socks off of a little “sonic” fan since apparel and toys are hard to find. Nevertheless he absolutely loved it! I used two cake mixes and baked one eight inch round and the other half was baked in a mixing bowl for face effect. The other cake … Read more

Coolest Wiggles Car Birthday Cakes

Coolest Wiggles Cakes and How-To Tips

For this Wiggles cake, I baked a traditional rectangle cake and cut it in half using the Wilton Cake Leveler to make the base for the Big Red Car. To create the Big Red Car, I used the Wilton 3-D Cruiser Pan. Once the cake was completely cooled, I cut the roof off of the … Read more

Cool Designed Cakes from Wiggles – Dorothy the Dino

Coolest Character Designed Cakes

Our cousin Jack turned two and he only likes designed cakes. He loves the Wiggles; and Dorothy is his favorite character. This is a chocolate cake with buttercream icing and fondant gloves and hat was made in a pan designed for that other famous dinosaur Barney. More Dorothy Birthday Cakes Cake by Sheryl B., Erina, … Read more

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cake Photos and How-to Tips

This Elmo birthday cake was inspired by one of the cake sites on the Web. First, I started out by printing a picture of Elmo off the internet, and then I blew it up and traced him onto wax paper. I then cut him out and placed him on my iced sheet cake and traced … Read more

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cakes and Decorating Tips

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cakes and How-to Tips

This is one of my first cakes. I made it for my daughter’s second birthday. I used an Elmo shaped pan and just a store bought cake mix. I colored the icing with food gel. Cake by Lisa Y., Reisterstown, MD More Elmo Cakes I made this Elmo cake for my nephew’s first birthday. He … Read more

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cakes

Coolest Elmo Birthday Cakes

I scoured this site to find cool Elmo birthday cakes as inspiration. This Elmo cake was made for my niece who loves Elmo. The bottom layer is a white cake size 10 x 14. The top layer is a Wilton Elmo cake pan and a chocolate cake. It is supported by a Wilton cake circular … Read more

Coolest Power Rangers Cakes

Cool Power Rangers Cake

I made this cake for my god son. I was shopping around for a Power Ranger cake pan and could not find one. My god son who was turning four said “why don’t you use my Spiderman and draw him like Red Ranger” and the light went off! I used the 2006 Wilton’s Spiderman pan … Read more

Coolest DIY JoJo Circus Birthday Cakes

Coolest JoJo Circus Homemade Cake Photos and How-To Tips

I had been looking all over for ideas for a JoJo Circus cake and couldn’t find any for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I should have looked here first For the JoJo cake I made a 9″ round and a 10″ round. I cut a small section off the top of the 9″ cake to make … Read more

Coolest JoJos Circus Birthday Cakes

Coolest JoJos Circus Homemade Cake Photos and How-To Tips

This cake was made for four kids sharing a birthday party. One child loved a song about the sun, one JoJos Circus and the last two love sports. We tried to get every theme on the cake so they could celebrate together. More Jojos Circus Birthday Cakes Cake by Paula P., Florida I made this … Read more