Coolest Skylanders Cake

Every year I ask my son, “What kind of birthday do you want?” and almost instantly regret it. I love making cakes, but I am no expert; I have no training of any kind and some of the designs I come up with are quite difficult, though I’m not experienced enough to know it. But … Read more

Cool Wrecking Ball Skylander Cake

I donated a “ cake of your choice “ to a local benefit auction. The winner was a super lady who wanted a cake for her grandson. She said any old Skylander would do…he loved them all……… Wow…a Skylander huh? I asked myself just what might that be ya reckon!!!??? So off to the internet … Read more

Coolest Skylanders Giants Cake

I used to be a cake decorating show addict (Food Network Challenge, Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, etc.).   My husband used to make fun of me because I don’t cook and I don’t bake, but I would watch these shows incessantly.  Those who can’t do, watch others do on TV!  Then I had kids and … Read more

Coolest Skylander Tree Rex Cake

This Skylander Tree Rex cake was a cake I did for a six year old boy whose favorite character in Skylanders is Tree Rex.  Having never heard of Skylanders, I started out by going to the store and taking pictures of the portal as well as the character of Tree Rex and searching online for as … Read more

Coolest Skylanders Giants Birthday Cake

Coolest Skylanders Giants Birthday Cake

This year, our grandson is into Skylanders Giants. And fortunately, McDonald’s have just had them in their Happy Meals, so I had four action figures all ready. Let me say right now, I really, really don’t like black frosting LOL! But you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. The cake is a nine inch 2-layer … Read more

Skylanders’ Birthday Cake – Portal of Power

Skylanders' Birthday Cake - Portal of Power

My son, Ethan, turned 9.  He wanted a Skylanders theme, thus a “theme cake.  There are a lot of ideas from the game, but I went with the “easiest” piece to make which is the “Portal of Power” which is key to playing the game.  There are also 8 Elements that the action figures have key … Read more

Cool Homemade Skylanders Cake

Coolest Skylanders Cake

My nephew is obsessed with Skylanders so they asked me to made a cake for him. I had pretty short notice and worked all day, but you have to do what you have to do for the kiddos!! First off, the bottom is just a regular chocolate cake, frosted. I dyed fondant dark grey and … Read more