Cool Homemade Skylanders Cake

My nephew is obsessed with Skylanders so they asked me to made a cake for him. I had pretty short notice and worked all day, but you have to do what you have to do for the kiddos!!

First off, the bottom is just a regular chocolate cake, frosted. I dyed fondant dark grey and layed a flat piece on top of the cake. Then I made the round portal out of rice krispy treats and put fondant over it. The top is a white round piece that I drew swirls around with a toothpick. Then I cut rectangular pieces out of the dark grey fondant to create the bricks. I staggered them to make them look like a brick wall, luckily I had a Skylanders portal to copy. To make it look like brick or rock I crumbled up a piece of foil and rolled it around on the fondant and it made it look like stone. I cut small pieces of white fondant to make the characters around the portal.

Since I was short on time and not very familiar with Skylanders, I just used some character toys and put one on the portal and 2 on each side on another round piece of grey fondant. It was actually very easy and quicker than I thought since I used premade rice krispy treats and just smashed them together fr the portal, it saved a ton of time!!

My 11 year old nephew went crazy for the cake and took the portal home with him!

Note: The picture of the 2 round portals, the one on the right on the plate is the one I made with fondant, the one on the left is a real video game portal that I used as the model.

Coolest Skylanders Cake

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