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Skylanders’ Birthday Cake – Portal of Power

My son, Ethan, turned 9.  He wanted a Skylanders theme, thus a “theme cake.  There are a lot of ideas from the game, but I went with the “easiest” piece to make which is the “Portal of Power” which is key to playing the game.  There are also 8 Elements that the action figures have key powers in – Air, Water, Life, Earth, etc…

OK, so here is what I did…I needed cake for 25 people.

Large rectangular cake base – chocolate.  This was a 15″ x 11″ cake pan.  the chocolate cake recipe I use, which is the BEST and most MOIST cake recipe, is from Hershey’s website. The key ingredient is boiling water so it steams when it bakes. The frosting is simple butter cream icing.  Kids love it, I love it.

The “Portal” portion of the cake, I cheated and used a white cake mix, because I thought no one would eat the portal – but the kids didn’t have a problem cutting into the masterpiece – I think they thought they could derive some power if they ate a piece.  I used an 8″ round cake pan, and cut it down to size.  I covered the portal in fondant or a white marzipan icing.  The “grey” color is made from black Wilton food coloring.  Then I rolled the portal across it to give it texture.  Then, I stamped each of the element symbols (also on the portal) to cut out the individual elements to add around the edges.  Should have painted those white, but ran out of time.  The top section of the portal is colored yellow with Wilton food coloring, and then I used green really watered down and literally “painted” the color on top to give some depth to the top.  The figures on top are from the game itself.

For the 8 Element symbols on the sheet cake, I simply printed these off onto paper, to the size I needed for the cake, and glued the sheet to aluminum foil and cut out the circles (so the oil from the frosting wouldn’t come thru), then placed these on fondant circles, and used as a border.

The only other bit of advice is if you have a bigger board or cardboard to put the cake on.  I would have written on the board portion (covered with white paper), “Happy Birthday Ethan”, but my board was too small.  So I ended up making a sign and back drop for the cake table which said the same thing.

Enjoy!  A big hit with the kids, and parents loved eating the cake too.

Skylanders' Birthday Cake - Portal of Power

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