This Skylander Tree Rex cake was a cake I did for a six year old boy whose favorite character in Skylanders is Tree Rex.  Having never heard of Skylanders, I started out by going to the store and taking pictures of the portal as well as the character of Tree Rex and searching online for as many pictures as I could.  I knew that I wanted to challenge myself and try sculpting the character.

Tree Rex is hand sculpted out of Satin Ice Gumpaste.  I made a wire frame body in the position I wanted the character to be in and then began creating the body.  I knew it wasn’t going to be eaten and I wanted it to harden fully so I did the character about a week before I needed to do the cake. I added detail using edible markers and colored dusting powder that you would use on gum paste flowers.

The cake a 6″ double layer dark chocolate cake made from scratch with a vanilla butter cream frosting stacked on a 9″ double layer cake of the same.  The sides of both cakes were both covered in Satin Ice White Fondant mixed with Satin Ice Black Fondant to get a gray base color.  I used straw cake supports inserted into the 9″ cake to hold the weight of the 6″ cake on top of it.

I got an airbrush for Christmas and saw this as a great opportunity to try it out.  I airbrushed the tops of each cake as well as the sides.  Then, I cut out white fondant for the symbols on the portal and airbrushed his name that I cut out using cookie cutters. I put a few straw cake supports in the 6″ cake to hold the weight of the gum paste character to sit on top.  I think the character is by far my favorite part of this cake and my best sculpting yet.