Sophisticated Strawberry Cake

Sophisticated Strawberry Cake

I had a blast making this strawberry cake. My cousin wanted a strawberry cake so I decided to give her one inside and out. I started with a strawberry flavored cake mix and a large heart shaped pan.  I used one cake mix.  I also used strawberry flavored icing then I used Wilton’s ready to use fondant. … Read more

Burger Slider Cupcakes with Watermelon Cake

Burger Slider Cupcakes with Watermelon Cake

I made this cake for 4th of July. I made cupcake sliders and a half watermelon cake. The sliders are the top of a white cupcake and the bottom of a cupcake. Add a piece of chocolate cupcake to look like the meat. With icing add some lettuce, ketchup and mustard. Put together to look like a … Read more

Cool Basket of Daisies and Apples Cake

Cool Basket of Daisies and Apples Cake

This cool Basket of Daisies and Apples cake took a lot of work, but I love how it turned out. First I colored half a batch of fondant light brown, and made 4 ‘ropes’ with it. Then made 4 white ropes and twisted them together. Then I rolled them with a rolling pin until they were … Read more

Coolest Big Pickle Cake

Coolest Big Pickle Cake

My sister has been “Auntie Pickle” to the whole family since our kids were small. She was SO surprised when I made this for her surprise birthday party. I added the Necco wafer bouquet after putting a huge crack in the fondant when moving the “pickle” onto the cake. No one noticed the crack, and … Read more

Coolest Homemade Apple Cake

Homemade Apple Cake

This apple cake is a yellow cake layered and frosted with lemon icing. I used 3, 9″ round cakes and also baked a cake in a bowl for a rounded top. After the layers were frosted, I carved around the cake at an inward angle at the bottom and an outward angle at the top, … Read more

Coolest Fruit-Shaped Creative Cakes 1

This is a white cake dyed red with mini chocolate chips mixed in the batter to look like watermelon seeds. The cake is covered with fondant which was airbrushed green. I found the idea on this site for creative cakes seeing as we love watermelon!

Coolest Cherry Cake

Homemade Cherry Cake

I made this homemade cherry cake for my own birthday. I love cherries. It is two 6-inch cakes covered in red fondant with chocolate fondant stems. The leaf is made from the top of one of my cakes that I had to cut off to even it out. I covered the leaf with some green … Read more

Coolest Fruit-Shaped Creative Cakes 2

I made this cake for a friends daughter’s first birthday. It was a Strawberry Shortcake theme and she simply wanted a strawberry. I wrote “A Berry Happy First Birthday” around the base of the cake. I used two boxed cake mixes – one strawberry, one white swirling together. The cake itself was constructed using one … Read more

Coolest Watermelon Shaped Cake

Homemade Watermelon Shaped Cake

My daughter loves watermelon so I thought it would be cool to make a Watermelon Shaped Cake for her seventh birthday party. I made it a surprise, she never got to see it until I took the cover off. At first she thought it was a real watermelon sliced up. I took two round cake … Read more

Coolest Fruit-Shaped Creative Cakes 3

I made this from a heart shaped pan. I bought red coloring at the store and mixed it in to white frosting. I also mixed up some green frosting. I used brown sprinkles (picked out from my mixed colors) for the seeds. I traced the green foliage with green gel icing. Thanks to this website … Read more

Cool Homemade Watermelon Slice Cake

Homemade Watermelon Cake

I used a 10″ round pan to make this Watermelon Cake. After baking and cooling, the cake was cut in half. For easier crumb coating, place both cake halves in freezer for about an hour. I used about 1’4 inch icing between the layers. Stack, crumb coat, then frost. I tinted butter cream icing in … Read more

Coolest Fruit-Shaped Creative Cakes 4

This is a cake I made for my sisters last day of a Nursing Course at school. They were having a little celebration and she asked me to make something special seeing as I always make special creative cakes. I thought this cake very special and very elegant.. I made this cake out of and … Read more