Coolest Pineapple Cake

For my Grandsons first birthday, we decided to go Hawaiian-complete with a three dimensional Pineapple Cake!

After much thought and consideration about how this could be achieved, I finally came up with a plan. I baked the cake using two over sized Pampered Chef glass mixing bowls, one larger than the other. I used four boxes of pineapple cake mix (adding in chunked pineapple and cherries) and baked two cakes in each sized bowl. This allowed me to make a separate, smaller cake for the birthday boy.

After cooling, I cut off one inch on one end of one small cake and one inch off one end of one large cake to even off the bases. I then matched up the two small cakes and the two large cakes and inserted long straws through the middle to connect and balance them.

Next came the frosting, which was basic whipped creamy buttercream mixed with yellow food coloring. After the cakes were frosted, I covered them in chocolate jimmies and used a straw to make a criss~cross design, topped it with a real pineapple top and garnished with cherries and Hawaiian flowers.

This was my first attempt, but I will perfect it with practice! It was really fun to make!

3 thoughts on “Coolest Pineapple Cake”

  1. I can’t wait to try this cake for my nieces birthday party. I’m going to surround the cake with a “cupcake” lei. Great idea, thanks!!

  2. I wanted to tell you what an awesome cake you made! I especially like the fact that you used your Pampered Chef Classic mixing bowl do this with!! I will have to share this with the other consultants! Awesome job on the cake I love it.


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