Coolest Watermelon Cake

This Watermelon Cake was made early in my cake decorating endeavors, so covered in star tips! Sheesh!

I used the Wilton round ball cake pan for the wedges; I baked a whole ball (two halves) but only ended up using one half (two quarters.) I used and one 10″ cake cut in half and stacked for the big slice.

I frosted the big piece FIRST (if you don’t it will be too hard to reach with the quarters in place). To begin frosting (using homemade buttercream, always), I very carefully turned over the slices to frost the bottoms, then plopped them over carefully, then finished them where they sat with the pink inside and light and dark green stripes. Try to kind of think where you are placing these so you can reach all sides and finish one before you start the other. Finished with piped seeds.

If I did this cake again I’d go easy on the star tip and likely just frost the pink part flat. I’d also skip the big piece and do all wedges, maybe even some flat laying down triangle pieces with bites out and one tiny ant.

This is a great cake that packs such amazing presentation power but is secretly so easy to make!!

Good luck!

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