Cool Basket of Daisies and Apples Cake

This cool Basket of Daisies and Apples cake took a lot of work, but I love how it turned out. First I colored half a batch of fondant light brown, and made 4 ‘ropes’ with it. Then made 4 white ropes and twisted them together. Then I rolled them with a rolling pin until they were totally mixed together. Then, I used a butter knife and drew some ‘wood grain’ designs on it. Next, I mixed vodka and brown food color. I brushed it over the ‘wood’. Then I cut the pieces I wanted and let dry. Next I baked all my cakes. I made 3 10 inch white cakes and a batch of butter cream icing. Once the cakes were done I let them cool. Once they were cooled I filled with vanilla pudding and covered with a thin layer of butter cream.

Next step, I made my daisies and leaves. I have a really neat mold to make the centers of flowers and the veins on leaves. Really cool. So I let those sit and stiffen up.

On to the apples…for the apples I made a batch of rice krispie treats. Let them cool for about an thirty minutes. Removed the from the fridge and formed about 12 small ball shapes. I rolled out red fondant and covered each apple. Then I made little stems with brown fondant.

Now that the wood for the barrel is dry. So I put it all around the cake. Then I tied a ribbon around it. Next, I placed the apples in the barrel and placed the daisies. Then I added some leaves. I love this cake!  It was a long process…but I am so happy with how it turned out!

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