Strawberry Cake

This Strawberry cake was made for my new sister in law to be who is marrying into the Berry family. To bake the strawberry shape I used a heart shaped tin. I then tried to make red icing but after putting heaps of red food coloring in I thought I better stop and settle for a pink strawberry to save having to over load on artificial colors.

I covered the whole cake with icing, smoothing it out nicely and then piped stars on the bottom edge for a neat finish. I used real strawberry leaves from the garden as the leaves in varying sizes and then piped star shapes on the top in between the leaves. For the seeds I chopped round melting white chocolate buttons in 1/4 and poked them into the cake. And there you have it a strawberry cake that tastes as good as it looks! It didn’t take too long either as I only had to ice in one colour.

3 thoughts on “Strawberry Cake”

  1. I love the strawberry. I recently made an Elmo that needed to be red! Let me tell you, its not easy! Fondant is easier to get red. I had to use A LOT of “no Taste” red food gel from Wilton’s. I added some liquid also. I finally got it red after a ton of coloring! Lev the berry though. Might have to make this one sometime!

  2. Hello,
    Luv the cake also. I just found out from my awesome mother that you to get the exact color by using color paste by Wilton. You can find it at Michaels or Joanns in the baking aisle. You use less color to get the exact color and doesn’t make your frosting very soft/liquidy like food coloring does. It works awesome and they have a variety of colors besides the basic colors. Happy Creative Cake making!!!

  3. Its not too hard to make red or black icing, you just prepare the day before and leave to develop for a day.
    Then you don’t need to use too much colour :)


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