Awesome Taco Cake!

Awesom Taco Cake!

This taco cake was fun to make and not particularly difficult!  I baked a round cake, cut it in half and stacked with buttercream icing. Meanwhile, I tinted fondant a yellow/brown/orange to match the color of a corn tortilla.  I also added some Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant to add to the corn tortilla … Read more

Coolest Taco Bell Cake – #4 with a DP, Please

Coolest Taco Bell Cake - #4 with a DP, Please

My daughter loves three things in this world more than anything – Taco Bell, JRR Tolkien, and her friends.  So, for her 16th birthday, I decided to throw her a surprise party that combined all three.  Her favorite meal at Taco Bell is the #4 combo with a Dr Pepper, so I made her cake … Read more

Coolest Taco Birthday Cake

Homemade Taco Birthday Cake

My daughter and I made this Taco Birthday Cake for my husband’s birthday. He loves the ice cream novelty, Choco Taco. We learned that a lot of people have never heard of Choco Taco. It is like a Drumstick ice cream treat but shaped like a taco. I used a 16-inch pizza pan to make … Read more

Coolest Homemade Taco Birthday Cake

Homemade Taco Birthday Cake

My niece has loved Taco’s her whole life so there was not a better choice for her sweet 16 birthday party then a Homemade Taco Birthday Cake. I looked at several versions of taco cakes on this web site and put together this version for my niece. I made a jelly roll cake using Betty … Read more

Coolest Spaghetti Taco Cake

Homemade Spaghetti Taco Cake

My friends’ daughter 10th birthday was an iCarly theme. Carly’s brother makes them spaghetti tacos, so I tried to make a Spaghetti Taco Cake with a cake. I used two round cakes, put them together with frosting, then cut a piece out for the spaghetti etc to fit into the taco. I frosted the cake … Read more

Cool Taco-Shaped Birthday Cakes

How to Make Cakes for Birthdays

I made this for a Mexican themed birthday party we had at my office. I don’t know how to make cakes so went online for ideas. I cut a 10″ round cake in half. I then put one piece on top of the other and carved each piece a little bit to get the shape … Read more

How to Make Cakes that Look Like Tacos 1

Our son was turning 10 and asked us if we could make him a cake that looked like tacos. We had no idea how to make cakes that looked like tacos so we looked on this site and found three different ones. We picked the one that we thought looked like what he would like … Read more

How to Make Cakes that Look Like Tacos 2

This is a vegan taco cake that I made for my friends 30th birthday fiesta! There are no animal products in this cake which made it a little difficult at first. I got great ideas on how to make cakes from the other taco cakes on this site. The cake is chocolate peanut butter and … Read more

How to Make Cakes that Look Like Tacos 3

My daughters friend was having a big 15th birthday party and her father (whom I work with) asked me if I know how to make cakes with a “Mexican” theme (her favorite food is Mexican). I came up with this! I made the tacos out of homemade jelly roll cake mix baked in round pans … Read more

Taco Cake 4

My nephew loves tacos. Each year on his birthday he tries to eat as many tacos as his age. His record is 10 tacos. This year I decided to make him a taco cake. I searched around for ideas for how to make cakes and then designed my own. I baked a 10 inch round … Read more