Awesome Taco Cake!

This taco cake was fun to make and not particularly difficult!  I baked a round cake, cut it in half and stacked with buttercream icing. Meanwhile, I tinted fondant a yellow/brown/orange to match the color of a corn tortilla.  I also added some Oreo cookie crumbs to the fondant to add to the corn tortilla effect.  I also tinted some of the fondant orange, to match the color of cheddar cheese.

I rolled the ‘cheese’ and ‘tortilla’ flat. The ‘tortilla’ was cut into a large circle and the ‘cheese’ into matchstick pieces.

The cake was placed on one side of the tortilla and the rest of the tortilla was folded over the cake (with icing to help it stick).  I refrigerated the cake on its side to help it harden into the ‘stand up’ taco shape.

After the taco shell hardened up, I stood the cake upright and applied the toppings. The ‘meat’ is a dark chocolate ganache mixed with Cocoa Krispies and Buncha Crunch.  This mixture was laid on top and around the sides of the cake.  I topped with the fondant ‘shredded cheese’,  ‘lettuce’ (green Fruit Roll-ups, torn into pieces), and ‘tomatoes’ (sliced red licorice bites).  the final topping was ‘sour cream’ (white royal icing).

I presented it on some taco wrappers that I got from Taco Bell, along with some hot sauce packets.

Overall the cake was well-received by my 16yo son and his friends.

Awesom Taco Cake!

Awesom Taco Cake!


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