My niece has loved Taco’s her whole life so there was not a better choice for her sweet 16 birthday party then a Homemade Taco Birthday Cake. I looked at several versions of taco cakes on this web site and put together this version for my niece.

I made a jelly roll cake using Betty Crocker’s recipe. Stirred in some chocolate jimmies into the batter before baking to get the flecks in the taco shell. When the cake was still warm I folded it over a loaf of French bread to cool. This is tricky without the cake cracking. It took 3 tries before I had a perfect taco so I suggest having plenty of time and patience if you’ve never done this before.

I colored various types of coconut for the lettuce and cheese. I baked a few chocolate cupcakes which I crumbled for the taco meat securing with a small amount of chocolate icing inside the shell and used toothpicks to hold cherries in place for the tomatoes.

Once I frosted the sheet cake with our favorite buttercream I carefully held the taco and placed all the ingredients inside then carefully placed it on top of the sheet cake before adding the cherries. I piped a reversed shell border, added a couple packets of taco sauce.

This Homemade Taco Birthday Cake was a big hit and my niece loved it! Don’t worry if a few crumbles fall out on your cake because all Taco’s are messy!