Coolest Homemade Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes 3

I made this cake using my Wilton Star shaped cake pan. It took just one cake mix. I made homemade butter cream icing and tinted some of it red and blue. For cake decorations I had clowns, who were made from icing-tip 21 ( Wilton ); and the heads are plastic stick-ons. The inside of … Read more

Coolest Flag Birthday Cake

Homemade Flag Birthday Cake

I made this Confederate Flag cake for my sister-in-law Shawna’s 38th birthday. This was the second cake I had ever made but I must say now I am hooked! She personally requested this theme cake but, let me make it quite clear, we are not in the least racist. I started with a normal chocolate … Read more

Coolest Homemade Stars and Stripes Patriotic Cakes 4

This cake was made from three complete white cake mixes to form three layers, two of which I added red or blue food coloring and one was left white to give the inside a red, white, and blue effect. I got the idea from a magazine cover with patriotic cakes, published during my husbands deployment … Read more

Coolest Fourth of July Flag Cake

Homemade Fourth of July Flag Cake

This Fourth of July Flag Cake is the cake I made for our fourth of July BBQ. It is 2 round layers covered in fondant I used cookie cutters for the stars and cut red and white strips for flag then rolled them together before draping on cake. It was a fairly easy cake and … Read more

Coolest Army Patriotic Cake

Homemade Army Patriotic Cake

This cake takes some time to make, so be patient. I first purchased the staggered tier cake stand from Wilton. The first day I took Wilton fondant (white) and colored the fondant green and rolled it out to make the grass. Then I carefully placed it over the bottom of the stand (prior to putting … Read more

Coolest American Flag Cake

Homemade American Flag Cake

This is an American Flag cake that I made for an ROTC event for my daughter, Jessica. The cake has exactly 50 stars and 13 strips beginning and ending with red.

Coolest Rocket/Patriotic Cake

Homemade Rocket/Patriotic Cake

I made this Rocket/Patriotic Cake for a friend who wanted to serve this cake right before a big fireworks show. Being a guy, he wanted something with a huge “wow” factor so a rocket was suggested. This cake was the largest cake I’ve ever made. Each tier was two layers–10″, 8″ and 6″. The cake … Read more

Coolest Uncle Sam Hat Cake

Homemade Uncle Sam Hat Cake

I bake a 9″ x 13″ cake and cut it to make the Uncle Sam Hat cake. There was some cutting and pasting involved. Then I used the star tip to decorate it in red, white and blue and star tipped the stars.

Cool Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

Red, White & Blue Stars Forever

I was asked to do a patriotic birthday cake for a person having her 75th birthday, which happens to be on the 4th of July. The plate takes away from the cake a bit, but I think it was still cute. We made the cake in a star cake pan. We frosted it with white … Read more

Coolest Homemade 4th of July Cake for a BBQ

Homemade 4th of July Cake

I got this idea for a 4th of July Cake from a blog. I decided to give it a try for a BBQ with friends. I must say at first it looked really hard and did not think I could make but let me reassure you it is quite easy. I wish I could say … Read more

Coolest Patriotic Birthday Cake

Homemade Patriotic Birthday Cake

I made this Patriotic birthday cake for my niece’s birthday. They asked for a red, white and blue theme since it was close to fourth of July. I made a 2 layer 10 inch cake and a 2 layer 8 inch cake both chocolate. I filled it with buttercream and covered them both with mmf. … Read more

Coolest Memorial Day Cake

Homemade Memorial Day Cake

This is a yellow cake with chocolate icing adorned by a pair of combat boots draped with the American Flag. The flag is a full 13 stripe / 50 star flag. I made this to celebrate the sacrifice that our service men and women have made for our freedom. We had the veterans cut the … Read more