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Coolest Memorial Day Cake

This is a yellow cake with chocolate icing adorned by a pair of combat boots draped with the American Flag. The flag is a full 13 stripe / 50 star flag. I made this to celebrate the sacrifice that our service men and women have made for our freedom. We had the veterans cut the cake at the coffee hour after church.

I started using fondant after watching a lot of Cake Boss. Using the techniques from the show, I try to make my cakes one hundred percent edible. The boots on this homemade Memorial Day cake are made from rice crispie treats with a double layer of fondant to make them smooth. I painted over the white fondant with an edible decorating paint. The boots are a representation of the memorial that service members set-up in theater when honoring their fallen comrades. This was the hardest part of the homemade Memorial Day cake because I wanted them to look like boots. Unfortunately, the tops were not as high as combat boots and they ended up looking more like hiking boots.

The flag is made from pre-dyed fondant and was made in two pieces as a full flag and then draped to have a nice 3D wavy effect. I had to do two pieces because this was the first fondant cake I made during a humid Maryland summer day. I had to keep coating the counter with powdered sugar to keep the flag from sticking.

Not only did the homemade Memorial Day cake look good, but it tasted great.

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