Cool Retro Pink Cadillac Cake

pink Cadillac cake

I was asked to make a 59 pink Cadillac cake for my cousin’s 13th birthday. I was excited about the idea, but hesitant about how I would pull it off, having never made any car cakes before. Making the Pink Cadillac Cake I baked enough cake for 30 people in a half sheet pan. I … Read more

Coolest 50s Theme 10th Birthday Cake

Coolest 50s Theme 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter requested we do a 50s themed party for her 10th birthday, so off to the internet we went searching for cake ideas.  This cake is a combination of a couple of images we found and some of my own creativity thrown in for good measure. Please understand that I am not a baker, … Read more

Retro Car Cake

Retro Car Cake

To put the picture of the car on the cake I printed off a coloring page.  I then used a size 3 tip and traced the car’s details with my buttercream icing and let it crust.  Once the icing on the cake had crusted too I was able to imprint the car onto the top … Read more

Beautiful I Love Lucy Cake

Beautiful I Love Lucy Cake

I made this beautiful I Love Lucy cake for a coworker’s mother. She had asked me to make her some kind of I Love Lucy cake (she suggested just the heart). I came up with this cake and made it extra special because I know how much her mother means to her. Now starting from the … Read more

Coolest Fifties Rock and Roll Cake

Homemade Fifties Rock and Roll Cake

This Fifties Rock and Roll Cake is of my own design. I had a request for a 50’s rock & roll cake, and this idea was born. I made three 12″ cakes, filled, stacked and iced them with white buttercream. I made my own checkerboard stencil and used Wilton spray color to make the checkerboard … Read more

Coolest 50s Skirt Cake

Homemade 50s Skirt Cake

This 50s Skirt Cake was made of boxed lemon flavored cake mix and the fondant is home made also lemon flavored. I followed the directions on the box and made one 14 inch round and a 12 inch round. With the help of internet research and many calls to my cousin (who makes beautiful cakes) … Read more

Coolest Rock & Roll Birthday Cake

Homemade Rock & Roll Birthday Cake

I made this Rock and Roll cake for my sister’s 50th birthday where the theme of the party was the 1950’s. This was my first attempt at playing with fondant and cake paint. The edible parts of the cake were: – the cake base, which was a simple rectangular butter cake, iced with butter icing, … Read more