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Coolest 50s Theme 10th Birthday Cake

My daughter requested we do a 50s themed party for her 10th birthday, so off to the internet we went searching for cake ideas.  This cake is a combination of a couple of images we found and some of my own creativity thrown in for good measure.

Please understand that I am not a baker, a cake artist, or anything like that.  I am actually just a devoted Dad and marketing manager, but got bit by the cake bug when I went to the bakery to order her 1st birthday cake and was told it was going to cost almost $100!  It was then that my ego kicked in and I said,”How hard can this be? It’s just eggs and flour and butter with some icing. I can do this.”  10 years and many cakes later, I still have the utmost respect for those who do it for a living and make it look so easy.

50s Theme 10th Birthday Cake Instructions

  • To make the “flow” of the dress for the poodle skirt layer, I taped cut styrofoam coffee cups to a 14″ cake dummy, iced them and covered it in pink fondant.  The black ruffle beneath the skirt is black chenille.
  • There is a cake separator between the bottom layer and the checkerboard layer for stability. It is covered with a pink scarf to hide the seperator and add to the theme.
  • The checkerboard layer is actually the only real cake on this “sculpture.”  It is a double layer 12″ cake iced in white on the sides and blue on the top with about 75 black fondant squares along the sides.
  • The yellow dots are Sixlets candies.
  • The records and notes are all fontant that I cut out and let dry over about a week.
  • The top layer is a 12″x4″x10″ square block of styrofoam I cut with my handy electric kitchen knife and dremel tool to round out the look.  Then came the real fun… icing the cake and covering it with multi-colored fondant in various shapes, lengths, and widths., Actually, not fun and not perfect, but it turned out OK.
  • This cake from start to finish took about two weeks to create.

The fun part is that I have to make the cake again!  Yes, twice. I’ll recycle the “fake” layers and re-make the real layer.

Our family does the  family  party one week and my daughter has her friends party another week, which so happens to be this weekend . My wife and I will have seventeen (yes 17, that is not a typo) at our house for a rockin’ 50s party/sleepover.

On top of all the cake work, I helped make Pink Ladies t-shirts for all the girls.

We’ll be having a hula-hoop contest, bubble gum blowing contest, and I rented a cotton candy machine and a sno-cone machine to be in keeping with the 50s diner/sock hop feel.

Morgan (my daughter) LOVED the cake and still thinks her Dad is the “bestest!”  What more thanks could a Dad ask for?

Coolest 50s Theme 10th Birthday Cake