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Coolest Fifties Rock and Roll Cake

This Fifties Rock and Roll Cake is of my own design. I had a request for a 50’s rock & roll cake, and this idea was born.

I made three 12″ cakes, filled, stacked and iced them with white buttercream. I made my own checkerboard stencil and used Wilton spray color to make the checkerboard design on the sides. Using pink, violet and teal tinted buttercream, I piped a dot pattern for the bottom border, and music notes/treble clefs around the sides of the cake. For the top border, I used a #21 tip and made a rope-like border, then sprinkled with pink cake crystals.

The small records are lollipops made from a mold I found in a local cake/candy store. I used white candy melts tinted pink for the centers and dark cocoa melts tinted black for the rest. Using the same candy, I piped over a circle I traced on parchment to form the record for the top of the cake.

Finish it off by placing the record on top, and sticking the lollipops into the cake (I did this at the delivery so they wouldn’t fall or pull at the cake sides).

IMPORTANT NOTE – be sure to use CANDY COLOR and not regular food colors or gels. The water in regular colors will seize up the chocolate and ruin your project!

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  1. Thanks for the tip of candy coloring! I never knew that! I plan to make something like this for my aunts 50’s themed party. Thanks!

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