Cool Homemade Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Ideas

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I got my idea from one of the anther kid cake I’d seen on this website. A friend of mine did most of the decorating and here’s how we did it. I baked two 9 x 13 cakes and leveled them. Before stacking them I cut a section away from one cake large enough to … Read more

Coolest Crayon Birthday Cake

Our 1 year old just loves chewing on crayons that her big sisters leave lying around so when it was her birthday I had this idea of making a Crayon cake – but with no idea what it would actually look like or how to do it! So I googled it and of course scores … Read more

Coolest Crayon Box Birthday Cupcakes

Coolest Crayon Box Birthday Cupcakes

I made this crayon box birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday party. We were having the party at a campground so I had to make the cake/cupcakes the night before and then travel with them, this is why I went with cupcakes instead of the cake. First I took ice cream cones, cut them … Read more

Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Cake

Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Cake

This  Crayola Crayon box cake was really fun and easy to make. I made three 10×10 cakes and stacked them for a 4″ tall cake, then with the third cake I cut it in half and then in half length wise so I had a 5x10x1 cake to put under the crayons to hold them up. While the … Read more

Coolest Crayon Box Cake for a Creative Kid

Coolest Crayon Box Cake for a Creative Kid

I used a 9″ x 13″ cake pan to start this Crayon Box cake. When the cake was cooled I cut out  a section at the top, like a step. I then dirty iced the cake with butter cream icing. Trying to get the color of the crayon box just right to forever!  I finally got close enough and covered the cake in … Read more

Coolest Box Of Crayons Birthday Cake

Homemade Box Of Crayons Birthday Cake

This Box Of Crayons Birthday Cake is for my cousin’s youngest child’s 3rd birthday, all she does is color! It’s a half sheet cake with a ‘chunk’ cut of of one end and a sheet of grayish fondant placed in the hole to make it look like the back of the box. Iced with yellow … Read more

Coolest Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Photo and Tips 6

Behind the cake theres a draw-string piñata I made from a box. I cut a trap door in the bottom and attached strings – only one of which releases the trap door. Around the cake are “crayons” made by dipping Twix sticks into candy melts. You could also use pretzel rods, but those aren’t available … Read more

Coolest Crayola Colors Box Cake

Homemade Crayola Colors Box

I got this idea from this website. My niece Katia turned 6 years old and she loves to color everything, so when I saw this idea, I knew I would have to try to duplicate it. My nephews Anthony and Arthur helped me with this homemade Crayola colors box cake. I baked two rectangular cakes … Read more

Coolest Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Photo and Tips 7

The cake was made out of a 1/2-sheet cake. The yellow and green frosting on the cake is buttercream frosting. The girl who made the cake for me just measured in a few inches from each side of the cake to cut the open part of the “crayon box”. She made the “crayons” on the … Read more

Coolest Crayola Crayon Cake

Homemade Crayola Crayon Cake

This Crayola Crayon Cake can be made using any favourite cake recipe. Prepare and bake the cake using a 13×9 cake pan. Once cake is baked and cool, place on cake board. At the top of the cake (9″ section), slice midway through the cake lengthwise approximately two inches. Bring your knife back to the … Read more

Coolest Crayon-Shaped Kid Cake Photo and Tips 8

When the cakes were cool enough, I spread pastry cream on them and then a generous amount of sliced bananas and strawberries. I did 3 layers of yellow cake and 2 layers of filling. I did a crumb coating of white icing first and after it set, I did a 2nd coat of yellow icing. … Read more

Cool Homemade Crayon Cake

Homemade Crayon Cake

My roommate is always so creative so I decided to make her a Crayola Crayon Cake! It started off as a regular white 13×9 cake from a box. I carved a rectangle out of the top like the lid was off the crayon box. The crayons were each a Twinkie with one end cut into … Read more