Coolest Crayola Crayon Cake

This Crayola Crayon Cake can be made using any favourite cake recipe. Prepare and bake the cake using a 13×9 cake pan. Once cake is baked and cool, place on cake board. At the top of the cake (9″ section), slice midway through the cake lengthwise approximately two inches. Bring your knife back to the top of the cake and slice mid way down. You want to remove this section of cake so it resembles the “lid” of the crayon box.

If you want to add a filling to the cake, continue to cut mid way through the cake lengthwise and carefully lift cake and place on another board. Fill your cake and place “top” of cake back on. Take lady finger cookies and trim the tips to form a tip of a crayon. Place the lady fingers onto the section of the cake you cut out to resemble the lid.

Mix golden yellow and green frosting. You can ice the frosting on or use star tips for easier application. Frost or star tip the “crayons” different icing colours and using black icing, write the word “crayon” on each lady finger. Enjoy!

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