Coolest Box Of Crayons Birthday Cake

This Box Of Crayons Birthday Cake is for my cousin’s youngest child’s 3rd birthday, all she does is color!

It’s a half sheet cake with a ‘chunk’ cut of of one end and a sheet of grayish fondant placed in the hole to make it look like the back of the box. Iced with yellow buttercream. The name and number are cut out from very thinly rolled out fondant. The green color is a dark forest green with a bit of black in it to get it more ‘crayola’ like.

The crayons are ice cream cone cupcakes. I coated them in colored white chocolate. They have fondant ‘paper’ wrappers in corresponding colors with the ‘crayola’ wave painted on with black gel color watered with a bit of vodka.

This one was so much fun to do!

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