Coolest Crayola Crayon Box Cake

This  Crayola Crayon box cake was really fun and easy to make. I made three 10×10 cakes and stacked them for a 4″ tall cake, then with the third cake I cut it in half and then in half length wise so I had a 5x10x1 cake to put under the crayons to hold them up.

While the crumb coating was hardening in the freezer I colored my MM fondant three different colors and covered 3 regular size ice cream cones to look like crayon tips. Now the fun part. I covered the entire cake with yellow/orange butter cream frosting, just a thin layer, enough to square everything up and have the beginnings of the crayon box.

From there I wrote the outline of the little girl’s name and how old she was turning in the icing with a toothpick so I could place it just right where I wanted it. That way if you mess up or don’t like how it looks you can start over without messing up the entire cake. Then I traced the lines for the green portion the same way. Next I took a small round tip and went over my lines with the colors I would be filling them in with, it makes for a cleaner looking cake. Then attached the crayon tips where I wanted them just by pushing them into the icing. Lastly I filled everything in with the small star tip! It was a really easy cake and the little girl LOVED it!

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