A Birthday Cake That Looks Like a Real Paint Roller!

Amazing Paint Roller Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a birthday cake that didn’t look like a cake, and since we all love to paint, I thought of making it look like paint. The paint roller is just a jelly roll filled with cherry pie filling.  I stuck a real paint roller handle into it! The icing is store-bought green … Read more

Coolest Decorator’s Cake

Homemade Decorator's Cake

I baked this Decorator’s Cake for someone we know, I was told he used to be a painter and decorator hence the cake I made. I baked an 8 inch Madeira cake, sliced it through the middle and filled with jam and butter cream. I then covered with butter cream and placed in the fridge … Read more

Coolest Spray Paint Can Cake

Homemade Spray Paint Can Cake

To make this cake I mixed a regular cake mix with angel food cake so it would be nice and firm. Once cooled I shaped the cake to look like a can. I used a small piece of black licorice as the spray nozzle and a small round cake pan for the cap. I also … Read more

Coolest Paint Can and Paint Brush Cake

Homemade Paint Can and Paint Brush Cake

I made this cake for my husband’s birthday. He manages a paint store so I figured this would be perfect! I just drew a paint can and paint brush the size I wanted. Then I made two 9×13 cakes. I froze them overnight then once I had my templates cut out of card stock, I … Read more

Coolest Paint Can Birthday Cake

Homemade Paint Can Birthday Cake

This paint can birthday cake is a good cake for a painter. I did this cake for my brother. It’s not that hard to do. I baked (4) 9×2″ cakes, filled in-between each cake and staked them (see below important note), then crumb coated the out-side. The out side is done with fondant. I used … Read more