A Birthday Cake That Looks Like a Real Paint Roller!

I wanted to make a birthday cake that didn’t look like a cake, and since we all love to paint, I thought of making it look like paint. The paint roller is just a jelly roll filled with cherry pie filling.  I stuck a real paint roller handle into it! The icing is store-bought green icing that comes in a tube. After smearing it all over the cake, I “spiked” the icing to make it look more like a used paint roller.  I also smeared some icing on the paint roller handle to get a more real effect.

Making the Paint Roller Birthday Cake

The can was lemon cake that was actually baked in an empty can (used to have pineapple slices in it). I lined the can with waxed paper so the cake would slide out after it was baked.  Then I sliced it into three parts and filled it with the cherry filling. I bought black colored fondant for the can and first covered the cake in a thin layer of cherry jelly so the fondant would stick to it nicely. It comes up a little higher than the cake so a thin icing can be poured over the top to make it look like paint in the can.

The thin icing was made from powdered sugar and water and food coloring. I just had to play around with the colors to make the thin icing match the color of the bought icing that I used on the roller. This thin icing filled the top of the can and “dripped” over the sides. I made a spill of it under the paint roller. The effect was better than I had hoped for. Everyone who saw the birthday cake thought it was really paint.

People were shocked when I told them it was a birthday cake! The metal rod going through the jellyroll made it a little difficult to cut slices from it, but everyone managed. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

This birthday cake won our monthly cake contest. Share your birthday cake creations here…

Amazing Paint Roller Birthday Cake

Amazing Paint Roller Birthday Cake

Amazing Paint Roller Birthday Cake

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