Coolest Paint Can Birthday Cake

This paint can birthday cake is a good cake for a painter. I did this cake for my brother. It’s not that hard to do.

I baked (4) 9×2″ cakes, filled in-between each cake and staked them (see below important note), then crumb coated the out-side. The out side is done with fondant. I used a combination of red and white. I used a piece of craft food paper or you can use wax paper to trace any design you may want to add. I traced the name of my brother’s company then cut it out and laid it on a piece of sugar paper (purchased from Micheal’s Craft Store: Wilton Bran).

I used white for the name. For happy birthday I also used the alphabet sugar sheets from Micheal’s Craft Store. The paint brush on the top of can is made with Rice Crispies. I formed it like you would clay the handle and brush. I then dipped the brush part in melted red fondant (you can melt fondant in the microwave), just don’t over melt or the fondant can get hard.

For the roller brush I used a real roller, removed the brush part and formed Rice Crispy Treats on it and covered it with fondant and then used the end of a small clean craft paint brush (smaller then the size of a pencil eraser) and put indents all around the fondant part of the roller to give it a more real look. You could also add some melted fondant in your color and put this on the roller for a used look. Adding details will give you a more real look.

I added some paint drops to the top of the can with red fondant to look like drips. For the top of the paint can I used red fondant. I made a long rope and put this around the out-side top of the lid. I then used a fondant tool (like a butter knife) and made a line on the inside of the rope at the top of the can to make it look like the lid opening. I used a real can as a reference, or you can take a picture of a paint can you like. You can also use a smaller size cake pan for the cake.

Important Note: make sure you insert a long wood or paper dowel all through the cake for support (you can also get these at Micheal’s in the cake aisle). Also put a cake circle in between the 2nd a 3rd layer for support (I always put a small hole in the middle for the dowel that will go through the cake.

Good Luck! and be creative.

Homemade Paint Can Birthday Cake

Homemade Paint Can Birthday Cake

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