Coolest Barn Cake Ideas for a Barnyard Birthday

Coolest Barn Cake Photos and How-To Tips

This barn cake was made for a friend’s daughter and a black fantasy horse. They have horses and chickens and a pig and this stable is just like theirs. I hand carved everything out of fondant and then hand painted. Everything is cake covered in fondant and then hand painted. More Barn Cake Ideas Cake … Read more

Coolest Barns and Animals Birthday Cake Ideas

Coolest Picture of Cakes and How-To Tips

This is a cake I did for my niece’s 2nd birthday. I just made a 1/2 sheet cake and buttercream icing. The idea came from napkins that my sister had bought. I freehanded the barn and figure-piped the animals. More Barns and Animals Birthday Cakes Picture of cake by Susanne H., Cypress, CA BARN: Use … Read more

Awesome 3D Homemade Barnyard Birthday Cake

Homemade Barnyard Birthday Cake

I made this Barnyard Birthday Cake for a friend of mine at work who wanted her granddaughter to have a “Special Barn Cake”. I could have constructed the animals out of fondant but, the grandmother and I agreed she would enjoy playing with the animals,(made of plastic) more after, instead of eating them all up. … Read more

Barnyard Theme Girl Baby Shower Cake

Barnyard Theme Girl Baby Shower Cake

I had a lot of fun making this girl baby shower cake for my best friend’s baby shower. Girl Baby Shower Cake Directions I formed all the little farm animals and the scarecrow out of the decorator preferred fondant about three days in advance so they would have time to dry a little. For the … Read more

Old McDonald Had a Farm Cake

Old McDonald Had a Farm Cake

I created my Old McDonald Had a Farm cake for a local county show contest and was delighted to win 1st place. The interior of the cake I made with chocolate biscuit cake which consists of chocolate and lots of it, marshmallows, biscuits and condensed milk. After the cake set in the fridge I smothered … Read more

Little Animals Birthday Cake

Little Animals Birthday Cake

I made this little animals birthday cake for my daughter’s 4th birthday. It is a copy of a cake I saw online. However the cake I saw online had 4 little animals with a special meaning behind each animal, it was very thoughtful. For me, I simply loved the look of the cake as did … Read more

Cute Homemade Barnyard Cake and Cupcakes

Homemade Barnyard Cake

I made this Barnyard cake for my sweet nephew’s 3rd birthday party. He loves tractors and loves to sing “Old McDonald had a Farm”. So my sister and I thought a Barnyard Cake would be a fun idea! I looked online and found a really cute idea, to get the crafting sticks and make a … Read more

Barnyard Cake

Barnyard Cake

I made this Barnyard cake for my son’s 1st birthday. This cake was so easy and FUN to make! I made two 8″ round cakes (I used yellow cake) and frosted the bottom then added them together. If you have a cake pan or even a lazy Susan it makes it easier for frosting. I … Read more

Coolest Barnyard-Theme Picture of Cakes 10

The barn is made of two 9×11 cakes stacked on top of each other. The slanted roof was made by baking a cake in a bread loaf pan, then cutting two triangular shaped pieced and one rectangle from the cake. The silo is a stack of store-bought sugar cookies, glued together with frosting. The grass … Read more

Coolest Barnyard Cake

Homemade Barnyard Cake

After finding farm birthday decorations online, I decided my mother and I (mostly my mother) should take on a barnyard cake complete with a 3-D barn for my son’s 3rd birthday. We could have used a little more practice on the barn itself, but after all our hard work, I think the end result wasn’t … Read more

Coolest First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

Homemade First Birthday Barnyard Fun Cake

With limited time the day of the party I opted to purchase two chocolate sheet cakes with chocolate frosting and decorate with my fondant, crispy cereal and graham cracker creations. The barn is made from graham crackers held together with royal icing and covered with fondant and melted chocolate for the roof. I inserted ¼ … Read more

Coolest Old McDonald Farm Birthday Cake

Homemade  Old McDonald Farm Birthday Cake

I made this Old McDonald Farm Birthday Cake for my cousin Melissa’s 3 year old nephew. The bottom is made from two 11 X 15 inch layers of marble cake filled with butter cream frosting. The barn is made from one 9 X 13 inch layer of Funfetti cake cut into four sections and then … Read more